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BYBH: Skills

What Skills do I need? And how do I use them?!

Build: Lv51 + 370 Skillpoints Build – can be used for Leveling as well!

Dagger of Protection I (RMB)
This skill will only be used once per fight to trigger the melee extra Roll.

Spin Kick I (F)
This skill will only be used once per fight to trigger the melee CC extra Roll.

Evasive Shot (LMB then A or D)
This skill is mainly used to access Ultimate: Charging Arrow – Shotgun

Pinpoint (W + LMB while Evasive Shot)
Should you get into a situation in which you have no chance to refill your MP Potions Pinpoint + Evasive Shot will be one of the fastest ways to gain MP while doing at least some damage safely.

Ultimate: Charging Arrow – Shotgun (Space while Evasive Shot) (or the SP Version if Lv54+)
This skill is for dealing some of your close/mid range damage – I usually use 5-10 per fight. You need to close up to the Boss to effectively use this skill. I recommend not to use it until you are familiar with the Attack Pattern of the Boss you are fighting.

Blasting Gust III – Cancel (Q while Evasive Shot)
This skill is to deal damage while doing huge relocation e.g. switching behind a Boss. You will deal some damage while quickly moving to your new position.

Evasive Explosive Shot (A or W or D + RMB)

This is your main dodging Skill. Thanks to your 5 Attack Speed you will be able to dodge ANY attack if you are able to read the Boss e.g. mastering this Skill in combination with Moving Shot will allow you to “solo” Bheg and toy with him. This skill will be kept at Lv1 as it does not deal that much damage anyway but the reduced MP costs will allow you to spam this skill even while low MP.

Moving Shot (Strafing Left or Right + LMB)
This skill will allow you to shot while moving without losing Movement Speed it is perfect to deal damage while tanking Bheg and Red.

Tearing Arrow III (S + E)
This is the reason why Ranger is completely broken in terms of DPS on any Boss. Thanks to the 100% Critical Hit Chance you will deal 11502% of your AP (after DP Reduction). Due the unbelievable range of Tearing Arrow there is not a single Boss that is able to hit you (but Kzarkas no DMG Range Hit).
Why not the Ultimate Version?
We do not Skill the Ultimate Version due to the Damage Reduction of Bosses while the total damage is +~500% higher than Tearing Arrow III the damage per Arrow is lower which reduces the total damage instead of increasing it. In addition we will lose time on reusing the skill because of the fourth Arrow.
Tearing Arrow III does take some time to perfectly figure out the maximum range but once learned you will never be hit by any Boss (but Kzarka) again unless do fail yourself.
While charging Tearing Arrow you can press W + RMB to instantly interrupt the skill in case you are too far away. While in full Charge you can use Evasive Explosion Shot to dodge any attack instantly.

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