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Once upon a time, far away from monster that can actually hurt you with Lv50+ there were a group of enemies near your starting area that actually make sense to kill regardless of your level and your equipment. The wolves, and knowing the right spot they are very consistent income source in Black Desert Online.

While you can find scarce spread wolves all over the world most of them are found south-east of Olvia and for those who do not remember Olvia north-west of the Western Guard Camp (Located near two of the Field Bosses spawns – Red Nose and Dim Tree Spirit)

There are a few options available farming wolves but the most lucrative option is their blood. Yes, the actual price of the blood has dropped since the introduction of Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards but with a few minutes invested into Alchemy you are able to brew huge amounts of Clown’s Blood which is a very important ingredient in many recipes (e.g. Elixir of Experience or recharging Alchemy Stones). Even without the further processing Wolf Blood is selling extremely quickly compared to other materials from gathering and the high population allowing to dumb your energy fairly quickly.