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Black Desert Online – Boss Guides

General Boss Guides

Boss Camping 010
A short guide about the correct position, depending on the current possible Boss Timeframes.

Boss Hunting 102: Dedicated Boss Alts
A detailed Guide on using a Witch alt as dedicated Boss Hunter. This will allow your main to move out of the Serendia Region even while Bosses can spawn.

How to: World & Field Boss
A basic introduction with many useful information for anybody that want to start hunting Field and/or World Bosses in Black Desert Online.

Boss Locations
With this, you will know all the Locations a Boss can spawn in Black Desert Online.

Field Boss Guides

List of all Field Boss Attacks
A brief explaination of the Field Bosses Attack patterns and how to avoid taking damage/dying.

World Boss Guides

Ancient Kutum & Ancient Kutum Fight Guide
The Ancient Kutum Guide explains where you actually find Kutum and how you are able to gain Knowledge on him. The Fight Guide will give you detailed information on the actual fight against Ancient Kutum.

Harpy Queen Karanda
A full guide on everything you need to know to fight Karanda without dying!

Kzarka & Dandelion Weapon Box
For the Kzarka Weapon and the Dandelion Weapon, Kakao introduced a Quests that will certainly reward you with a box to choose the weapon of your choice. All information on those quests can be found here.


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