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Preparation & Buff Food

Training is everything!
Lets get straight to the point – doing Bosses means dying – depending on your class even dying a lot. However you can drastically reduce the amount of your death with proper training.
While you always can go right into a Field Boss having all those other people around isnt really productive. Instead you can use the Co-op Summoning Scrolls to train any Boss as long as you want (but Kzarka).
Especially as a melee you have to train the movement around the Boss over and over again to minimize your deathcount. Death will cost you loot / Elixirs and gems.

Prepare your Inventory
Going Hunting your Inventory should be empty enough to loot 15-30 items. Bosses might spawn in rapid succession and those nasty greys around their spawns are also dropping a lot of useless junk.
Depending on your Class you should prepare enough Potions as well to last 2-3 Bossfights before you need to refill your stock. My Ranger e.g. stocks up 100 Large HP and 300 Large MP Potions everytime I cross a Potion Vendor.

Knowledge and HP Bars
First, lets talk about Knowledge. Knowledge is not only helpful as you finally will see the HP Bar of your target dropping but the higher ranks will grant you additional benefits.

S Rank
Increases the Chance for Rare Items

Increasing your damage even further

Increasing your damage

Reduce the damage taken

Detailed HP Bar

You will always gain all benefits for and below your rank that means with an S Rank you gain increase damage, reduced damage taken and better chances on dropping something useful. You basically can reset any Bossknowledge below B – A is the minimum you need!

If you do not have any Knowledge about the Boss you can still “read” the HP Bar depending on the color of it.


Dedicated World Boss Character
Regardless of the class of your Main you should get at least one dedicated Boss Character! If we already prepare for Valenica you should get another one ready. You ask yourself why? Well, the answer is time. Imagine you are farming Sausans or on Kuit Island and Kzarka is spawning… even if you have a nice Mount it will take you a good amount of time to get to the spawn – and the Field Bosses have even less HP. Having a dedicated Character in the Boss area will allow you to do whatever you want with your main while still getting that precious loot. Once the Bosses are dead you resume to whatever you did by simply switching back to your Main. As Valenica will introduce even more Bosses a second character will greatly improve your loot as you simply have one Character positioned around Heidel and the other one in Valenica. The bigger the world will get the more characters are recommended. (I am currently preparing my 3rd World Boss Character)

Choose your Starting Channel
This is an imporant choice to make and there are serveral things that should influence your decision.
1. Is there any guild in this Channel that you have a Guild Wars against?
2. How many people do normally start in this Channel?
3. Does the channel start in this channel? (A1 / A2)
4. Do the people of that channel share information?
5. How fast is the channel compared to other channel? (Multi Kills)

About GvG, PvP and Groups
Do not GvG/PvP at a Boss! It is simply not worth it and you will kill your own loot. If the other guild keeps messing with you simply switch the channel (if the Boss is not close to dead of course) or invite them into a Party. People in Guild Wars often just want to do the Boss as well and while being in group you cannot damage each other.

With the Patch on the 05/18/2016 DAUM added “Party Bonus Loot” yet on this point it seems I am dumb and/or blind. I tried to group up multiple times but couldn’t see any difference in Loot. Yet grouping does give some benefits e.g. the buffs from other classes like the AP Buff from the Sorceress or the AS/CS Buff from the Witch/Wizard. There is no negative effected on grouping so doing it will never reduce your chance on loot but in some cases it might also not grant you any benefit. 90% of all time I solo Bosses even while my Guild Mates are in Teamspeak with me and on the same Boss and I do get my normal Loot out of it.

Get the Timer!
One of the most important things is to know when the Bosses will spawn. Field Bosses (Dim Tree Spirit, Red Nose, Dhastard Bheg & Giant Mudster) will respawn 10-19 hours after their spawn and Kzarka will respawn after 25-35 hours after his spawn. There are some more of less working Boss Timer Sites out there but this is something you have to look up for yourself.

The people on Alustin EU can use my own working Boss Timer.

I don’t want to dive to deep into this as I could write a whole Theory/Guide on this topic so I will make this short:
For Armor melee classes should take three pieces Agerian + Talis Shoes while ranged classes should always pick full Grunil.
As a starter weapon get a Krea Mainhand and the AP Offhand. Use Bares Jewelry or Witch’s Earring, Mark of Shadow, Ogre Ring and Schulz/Tree Spirit Belt.
You do not need a single item with Accuracy!
Later you switch to Liverto or Kzarka as weapon + Nouver Offhand while enhancing your Jewelry.
Regardless of your set make sure you get 5 AS/CS depending on your class and most classes want to stack 5 Crit as well. Count in Buff Food as you should have that up all the time.
Get yourself at least an Imperfect Alchemie Stone of Destruction for cheap +2 AP!

For more Information on Equipment you can check out this part of the guide. Even while this is written for Ranger you can simply switch the Armor accordingly and use the rest of the recommended items.

Buff Food
Regardless of your Class you should always use at least a Serendia Special on any Boss. In addition I highly recommend a Calpheon Special for every class but Ranger/Witch/Wizard. Depending on your Equipment you can also use Mediah Special to increase your damage.

Buff Food

For the Offensive Elixir you should always use Elixir of Frenzy (+20AP/-10DP) for Dimitri and Kzarka I recommend the blue Elixir of Frenzy (+25AP/-15DP) I know those are expensive but you will get the investment back! I recommend Frenzy over Fury because on how the damage is calculated in this game (Damage Calculation (Link will be added once I have written everything down)) but you should at least use Fury if you do not believe in my word (yet).
As Defense Elixir I can only recommend Elixir of Will (-15% damage in PvE) or the blue version for Melee (-20% damage in PvE) I am using this on my Ranger as well!


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