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Build Your Boss Hunter

Why Ranger?

Well, basically you can build your Boss Hunter out of a Witch/Wizard as well but this will include a lot more training and knowledge for the exact same result. The Ranger is by far the easiest class on Boss Hunting. Thus if you don’t own a Lv51+ Ranger you will be able to fight against every Field / World Boss in less than 24 hours of playtime.

What Level does my Ranger need?

You are perfectly fine on Boss Hunting once you *ding* Lv51 – my Ranger is Lv51 as well and I have no problems at all to gain Top Loot from any Boss. Basically once you hit Lv51 it is all about Equipment. On other classes it might be nice to gain a few more level for “this” Skills upgrade but as a Ranger you will never need to level past 51 (probably with Valenica World Bosses but I will update this guide should you need a higher level)

Ranger Gear

With this setup I always get loot from any Boss being in the Top Group – a normal day is at least 1x Liverto / 1x Mark of Shadow + 1m-2m Silver worth of Ingots/Crystals per Boss (~6-10 Boss Kills per day) and even the Budget Version shown later should yield good loot!


What Equipment do I need?

Budget/Starter Version (less than 30m Silver)
Krea Longbow +15
Steel Dagger +10
PRI Bares Ring x2
PRI Bares Earring x2
PRI Bares Necklace
PRI Bares Belt
Full Grunil +0
Imperfect Alchemie Stone of Destruction
Magic Crystal – Temptation x2
Mediah Special or Magic Crystal of the Sun – Assault x1
Magic Crystal of Perfection x? (You need 5 Luck so fill up your Helmet/Chest/Shoes with this until you hit it Shoes first then Helmet then Chest)
Magic Crystal of Abundance – Resonance x? (Fill your Chest with this)
Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical x1
Magic Crystal of Abundance – Armor x? (Fill all remaining Slots with this)

Total Stats Unbuffed:
114 AP / 11 DP

AP Full Buffed:
AP + Guild Bonus (up to 5) + Serendia Special + Elixir of Frenzy
= 144 AP

Hey! Why Krea Main and AP Offhand? I got this question a lot in the last few days thus I decided to clear this directly below the equipment.
That is a good question but fairly easy to answer. Krea is 69-71 AP on green the Yuria is 68-73 but Krea gives one more Slot thats so you can put 4 AP instead of 2 AP into the weapon going to 73 – 75 for Krea and 70-75 on Yuria.
Comparing the costs for a +15 Yuria vs +15 Krea (300k vs 20k (special Deals) you gain the same max but higher min damage out of the Krea.
On Bosses the only thing matters is pure AP thats why the Steel Dagger is by far the more powerful option over the +5 Acc as Krea Off gains DP instead of AP. The 2nd Socket of the Krea Offhand cannot change this regardless of the gem you try to put in.
But keep in mind that this is for PvE only – if you do regular PvP the Yuria might be the better choice until your Liverto is +15 (+13)
Another possible choice is Kalis instead of Krea – this is also working a lot better than Yuria (still pure PvE) and also increases your chance in rare loot if it is raining while fighting against the Boss.

“Basic” Version (around 80m Silver)
Budget Version but
Witch’s Earring x2
Mark of Shadow x2
Steel Dagger of ? +15 (blue)
DUO Bares Necklace

AP increase +16 (130 unbuffed / 160 buffed)

Advanced Version (around 100-200m Silver)
Liverto Longbow +15

AP increase +10 (140 unbuffed / 170 buffed)

Professional Version (unlimited amounts of Silver)
Tree Spirit Belt / PRI/DUO+ Schultz
TRI Bares Necklace / Ogre Ring
PRI/DUO+ Witch’s Earring
PRI/DUO+ Mark of Shadow

AP increase depending on the new addition to your set.

Why Resonance and Armor Crystals?
Good Question and really easy to answer! With 300,000 Karma there is a chance you destroy one of your gems on dying. Equipping all those High Chance gems will “protected” your expensive gems – well they can be destroyed as well on the first death but the chance is less than without those safety gems.

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