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Path of Exile – The SSF League

GGG is currently working on implementing a new type League into Path of Exile – the Solo Self-Found League.
Solo Self-Found or SSF means that you cannot interact with other players at all, not by trading and not by joining them in a group.

Based on the information of GGG, more and more players are playing SSF for the challenge and the bragging rights and they want to support that movement by creating a League in which you are not able to interact with other people at all.

Goals For Implementation:

  • To cleanly enforce the SSF ruleset.
  • Players can easily opt-out characters or their entire league progress (masters, atlas, etc) at any time that they want to start trading or partying.
  • To be an optional mode. For now there are no incentives for playing other than additional challenge and bragging rights.
  • We do not want new players to choose SSF unless they know what they’re doing. Despite the addition of this mode, Path of Exile is still designed and intended to be multiplayer with partying and trading.
  • Here, you can find the official announcement from GGG.
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