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It is Sheepening

White and so fluffy :3 – KILL IT, I have not time! Yes, even killing critters like sheep does make sense in Black Desert Online and the reason to kill them is fairly simple: Time!

Time is something not everybody has and to maximize your chance to get Black Crystal Shards in the short time possible is the reason to farm sheep (Well, a few Alchemist out there also need Sheep Blood to adulterated some of their drinks). As farming sheep is one of the fastest ways to dumb energy due to the mass amounts of sheep on one spot a lot of people investing their energy into it.

Yet due to the amount of people farming sheep all of the possible products are rather low in selling value and thus rendering the overall profit for farming sheep to one of the worst.

While the Meat sells rather quickly compared to other gathering options like Boars or Diorites the value of the possible materials is extremely low and the only worth outcomes are Sharp and Hard Black Crystal Shards.

On the other hand if you are low on money AND low on time farming sheep might be a good alternative for you (I’d still always recommend Boars over Sheep). In this case you can fight a nice amount of sheep north-west of Heidel.

While the whole mountain ridge inhabits sheep and goats (which are basically the “male” version of the Black Desert Online sheep) the marked spot is particular dense.

If you are still up to farm sheep don’t forget: Only Goku can throw a cotton ball so hard that you actually start to bleed getting hit by it.