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Black Desert Online – World Boss / Field Boss Timer – EU

Updates every 5 minutes (all times are CEST)

Dastard Bheg (Field Boss) aka Bastard Bheg
Last Spawn: Sun, 11:55 CEST
Next Spawn: Sun, 23:55 CEST - Mon, 08:25 CEST
Est. Spawn: Mon, 02:25 CEST
Dim Tree Spirit (Field Boss)
Last Spawn: Sun, 23:25 CEST
Next Spawn: Mon, 11:25 CEST - Mon, 19:55 CEST
Est. Spawn: Mon, 13:55 CEST
Giant Mudster (Field Boss)
Last Spawn: Mon, 08:05 CEST
Next Spawn: Mon, 20:05 CEST - Tue, 04:35 CEST
Est. Spawn: Mon, 22:35 CEST
Red Nose (Field Boss)
Last Spawn: Mon, 04:40 CEST
Next Spawn: Mon, 16:40 CEST - Tue, 01:10 CEST
Est. Spawn: Mon, 19:10 CEST

Disclaimer and Information on Boss Spawns
How to: Field/World Boss – Full Guide about Field/World Bosses
IHA EU – International Hunting Association EU (free Community (no Guild)) Get your Boss Calls and % in different channels without being ingame!

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