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International Hunting Association – Black Desert Online


Welcome to the IHA!

To put it simple the IHA is a free and independent network of Boss Hunters on the Black Desert Online Servers. Basically everybody interest in hunting Field & World Bosses is welcome – regardless of his equipment, experience and skill. Our “members” are willing to share any kind of information Field / World Boss related – if you need to know something try to ask!

For NA we are working together with the NAWB to provide accurate calls for all players from the NA server. You can find the link to the NAWB Discord below.

Short Video Guide to the IHA:

Basic Information & Commands

Check your Servers #welcome or #commands channel
more information added soon™

EU Server

International Hunting Association BDO EU

NA Server

International Hunting Association BDO NA no World/Fieldboss Hunting
NA World Boss Discord Boss Hunting Discord for NA

SA Servers

International Hunting Association BDO SA in cooperation with blackdesertla

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