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Lord of Corruption
Class Recommendation: All Classes
AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 120+/80+ (Range) 150+ (Melee)
Difficulty: Very Easy
Spawn Time: 8-12 hours

Melee Cleave
A 180* Cleave around his current target. Possible he will do a 180* turn before using this Attack. It is medium damage but he can reuse it in rapid succession. You can try dodging this by always being at his back.

Basic Hit
More powerful than the Cleave but with a much smaller AoE around his current target. It is possible to die to this on a first hit if your DP and Hitpoints are too low. To avoid this attack always try being behind him.

Basic Range Hit
His ranged Basic Attack is an instant projectile with the chance to knock you down. As the Attack is really fast it is close to impossible to dodge it but on the other hand this attack is rather weak. 1.300 HP / 128 DP / Elixir of Will and still ~500 HP after a clean hit.

His most deadly attack is his Breath – however the cast time before he starts channeling is so long that it is one of the easiest tasks to run behind one of the four pillar. The attack itself almost one shot every time. Note that the damage from the Breath delayed. Do not jump out from behind the pillar instantly but wait 2-3 seconds before reengaging Kzarka.

Dastard Bheg

(FYI: Change the first letters with each other for his real name)
Class Recommendation: Ranger / Witch / Wizard
AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 110+/0 or 200+
Difficulty: Range – Medium / Melee – Very Hard
Spawn Time: 10-19 hours

Ranged Basic Hit
Long Ranged Attack with high damage combined with a knock down. He will use this skill whenever the tank is not in melee range but still not out of his range. It will damage anybody hit by it.

Should the his target be in close range he will use this attack instead of his ranged basic Hit. It is a 90*-180* Cleave but not in front of him but half in front half to his side. This attack is really hard to predict and the reason why Bheg is so hard as a melee. Just a single moment of slacking will cost you your life.

Bheg teleports to his target. This skill is used frequently when he switches aggro and the tanks are really far away from each other. If not reacted quickly enough you might die.

360* AoE
This AoE has two levels. Level 1 is from 100%-41% he will announced the AoE with a really short shout and rendering himself invulnerable for the duration of the skill which is not much more than one or two seconds. Once he reaches 40% the skills will not only increase in damage but in duration and area as well. Dodge this Attack!

Dim Tree Spirit

(“Dim”itri Spiritovic)
Class Recommendation: All Classes
AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 130+/120+ (Range) 150+ (Melee)
Difficulty: Range – Easy / Melee – Medium
Spawn Time: 10-19 hours

Basic Range attack – he will throw a total of three some at one to three targets depending on aggro. Note that this skill has a buggy animation. First the Boulder will deal damage ~1-2s after their impact and second he will always throw them in the direction he is looking at but sometimes the animation will go into a total different direction. Please not that the impact does deal AoE damage and AoE knockdown. Make sure to single yourself out to not get hit by passing players.

360* AoE
Every now and then he will start to channel a huge staggering knockdown AoE around him. Before the attack is casted he will put his arms into the ground and starts shaking. Try to outrange this attack by dodging backwards.

Teleports to his target – this skill is rarely used but can cost you your life if you do not react in time.

Cleave (Smash)
His Basic Melee Attack is a front Cleave/Smash dealing medium to high damage to everybody hit. As the attack has a small starting animation you are able to dodge this attack by dodging through Dim.

Tree Adds
Dimitri will randomly spawn adds around him. While the adds deal low damage themselves and are more of a nuisance their initial spawn is combined with a high damaging explosion at their spawning point. Once you see him channeling his add dodge backwards or close in to not get hit by those explosions.

Anti Range Initiate

On the first engange Dim will create an huge AoE around himself with “unlimited” range but to counter this directly around himself there will be no damage. If you decide to do the first engage you will have to touch him to survive the initial hit.

Giant Mudster

Class Recommendation: All Classes
AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 120+/0 (Range) 150+ (Melee)
Difficulty: Easy
Spawn Time: 10-19 hours

Mud Spike
Medium sized frontal splash AoE with high damage. Can be negated by moving further away from the boss than Ranger Auto Hit Range.

Mud Spear
Long range Shotgun like attack with very high damage. It pierces everything on its way and will be frequently used against medium range targets. To ensure you don’t get hit by this stay further away from Muddin as he will burrow to you, if you take aggro, instead of using Mud Spear.

Basic Cleave
Muddins Basic Melee Attack is a cleave damage with medium damage.

Muddin instantly burrows rendering himself invulnerable while below the surface. On burrowing and un-burrowing he will deal low damage with a potent Attack Speed / Cast Speed / Movement Speed debuff.

Muddins most deadly Attack. Muddin will turn himself into the direction of the tank starting to “wobbel” (shake) for a few seconds before burrowing himself. He will deal massive amounts of damage at the tanks position. However this damage can be easily be dodge by left/right side dodges. It is recommend that, if you are the tank, you do not stop dodging until he un-borrows himself.
The second part of this attack is a huge range 360* AoE around him dealing massive amounts of damage while adding his slowing debuff to everybody in range. The range is a little bit further than the basic attack range of the Ranger.
If you see Muddin “wobbel” while being at Melee Range get out there as fast as possible.

Red Nose

Class Recommendation: Ranger / Witch / Wizard
AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 120+/0+ (Range) 0 or 200+ (Melee)
Difficulty: Hard
Spawn Time: 10-19 hours

Body Slam
Red will jump high into the air crushing on the ground dealing huge damage in a medium sized AoE around him while rendering himself vulnerable for a few seconds.

Reds Basic Attack is a fast melee Front Cleave with high damage against all targets hit by his blade. The attack can be best dodge be a dodge to the right side or behind.

Triple Cleave
Every few attacks Red will do a small Shout adding three big swings with his blade. The three cleaves will be done without him moving in between always attacking in the direction of the tank.

Warcry + Jump + Body Slam
Basically Reds most dangerous but at the same time easiest to read attack. He will do a long huge Warcry dealing extremely high damage in a straight line in front of him. Once his warcry is done he will jump twice into the air. The first jump is bugged like 90% the time and he will teleport back to his initial position or teleporting in a different direction. The second jump works normally most of the time. Each time he hits the ground he will deal a small sized AoE around him. For the third and last jump he will use a Body Slam like his basic one dealing more damage but rendering himself vulnerable to attacks for a few seconds.
This Combination will only be used once he is below 40% of his HP.

Ancient Kutum

Class Recommendation: any class with a Block
AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 160+/230+
Difficulty: Hard
Spawn Time: 8-16 hours

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more Information about the fight against Kutum

Harpy Queen Karanda

Class Recommendation: any
AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 160+/230+
Difficulty: Medium
Spawn Time: 17-25 hours

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