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No Luck and/or no more Silver to spend on the Night Vendor? Digging is not proftiable enough in your opinion and now you are looking for a fast but effective alternative? Then keep reading and explore together with me, the stuff that wine is made of: Grapes!

With the introduction of the Sharp and Hard Crystal Shards gathering has become even more important or for some of us more lucrative. There are many options where to spend your energy e.g. Boars, Sheep, Wolves, Tree Sap and Timber, Digging or Diorites – only to mention a few of the preferred available options. All have different aspects to look at but the two most important factors are the speed and the basic income per Energy spend.

Well, I bet you have one question in mind: Why would I want to farm Grapes? And while this is a good question it is really easy to answer. Gathering Grapes is not only one of the fastest ways to spend your energy but also giving a nice average income per energy spend that can be increased by using the materials gathered instead of selling them on the auction house.

Grapes yield a good amount of alchemy fruits that are used on many expensive products like Elixirs or Oils and the Grapes are perfect to use in brewing tea which can then be sold or further processed into Milk Tea or Sute Tea increasing the possible profit even further.

The Grape Plantation is located east of Olvia you can reach it within a few seconds from the Stable Master.

The Plantation contains a total of 26 Grape Vines and depending on your Gathering Speed and your tool you can spend all of your energy (With a Shining Steel Hoe and Gathering +4)
without a second of waiting time.

Combining your “perfect” gathering speed with a simple rotation even shortens the time between each gathering attempt. This is a possible example of an effective gathering rotation, of course there are many more possibilities!

To give you a few more numbers if you want to do some calculations yourself:

Gathering +3 / Fig Pie / Artisan 8
2668 Gathering Attempts with a Magic Hoe
results in an average on 250 Gathering Attempts:
~750 Grapes, ~20 Fruits, ~7 Female Kermes (Trade Item 13.000 Silver), ~15 Grape Seeds and 1-2 Crystal Shards.

As always keep in mind RNG can be a bitch or an angel!
Anyway I wish you good luck on gathering those grapes!