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Black Desert Online – Hunting Basics

by Zayiro | Silica

Hunting Preparations / Items – “Must Have!”

To prevent you from “wasting” time you want to make sure that you – and all the the other people you are hunting with – have the following items with them every time you start hunting!

Zayiro: “Now, take your butcher knife an-…”
Crossi: “I don’t have a butcher knife. Why the hell you didn’t tell me that before?!”
Zayiro: “I thought it’s logic that you need a knife at hunting…”

Some items at hunting are must have. If you want to go hunting and/or even get experience there, you shouldn’t forget the most important items. The reason is simple: Hunting is a profession where you gain your experience by looting the hunting mob. Hunting experience is an “item” which you will loot by using your butcher knife on the dead prey. Once looted those EXP will be added to your hunting skill level.

The most important “must have” items at hunting are the following:

• a hunting musket (̶o̶̶p̶̶t̶̶i̶̶o̶̶n̶̶a̶̶l̶ no, better: more hunting muskets!)
• a butcher knife
• a horse (only for hunting khalks)
• a boat (only for hunting whale/optional somebody who has a boat and is able to drive)

Optional items for more gained experience/better conditions for you:

• Movement/Jumping gear (that means: movement speed +5 and +Jump Height)
• Fish suit (only whale hunt – most overpowered high speed item in the water)
• Cold Oldbeer (event/temporarily +20% Life EXP)
• Fig pie (+3% increased loot chance)
• Elixir of time (+10% / +15% increased Life EXP)
• Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness (+1 / +2 movement speed parameter)
• Hunting costume (for professional 1+ / +10% increased Hunting EXP)

Hunting Muskets

Hunting Muskets are the required weapons to use with hunting. It’s not possible to hun without them. The first musket you gain is the “Practise Matchlock”. It can be rented at 3 different NPC’s for 2 contribution points each. These 3 NPC’s are always close connected to hunting quests.
• Daphne DelLucci at Balenos Forest node
• Guild Manager Laiano Pietro in Velia
• General Goods Vendor Hessenvale in Western Guard Camp

Practice Matchlock

Type Requirement Damage Durability Recipe
10 10 need to be rented

Once you have done your initial quest you will start using crafted muskets, they can be crafted in any tool workshop in any city.

Beginner’s Musket; Apprentice Musket; Skilled Musket; Professional Musket; Artisan Musket

Type Requirement Damage Durability Recipe
1500 – 4500
+300 per level
100 1x Fir Timber
4x Steel Ingot
1x Bronze Ingot
1x Black Stone Poweder
Beginner 10 1800 – 5400
+360 per level
100 1x Fir Timber
4x Steel Ingot
1x Brass Ingot
5x Black Stone Poweder
Apprentice 10 2100 – 6300
+420 per level
100 1x Fir Timber
4x Steel Ingot
1x Silver Ingot
5x Black Stone Poweder
Skilled 10 2400 – 7200
+480 per level
100 1x Fir Timber
4x Steel Ingot
1x Gold Ingot
7x Black Stone Poweder
Professional 10 2700 – 8100
+540 per level
100 1x Fir Timber
4x Steel Ingot
1x Platinum Ingot
10x Black Stone Poweder

Choose your Target

As already mentioned in the beginning there are 3 types of hunting you can do (as of the current content 2016 10 12)
Blue Whale and humpback whale hunting, Khalk hunting, and crocodile hunting,. Further you’ll gain experience by doing special quests, which require a certain amount of amity at different NPCs.

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