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Black Desert Online – Boss Hunting 102: Last Words and Personal Experiences

Last Words and Experiences

I have initially started using my Witch as character for Node and Siege Wars as #warriorworstclass. Before the MMA buff, I always used my Ranger as Boss alt as Tearing Arrow III was the equivalent of MMA. While Ranger, was, and still is strong, after MMA got “buffed” the simplicity of the Witch is unbeaten until today.

As Ranger I had to spam my mana potions on cooldown while always moving a step forward for every TA3 I used.

Today, I simply stay on one place pressing a single button. On Kzarka, I even take one of my hand away from the mouse to fondle my crotch. Until recently my Witch had not even 140 AP and regardless of the Boss I always topped out at 6 or 7 Hunter’s Seals.

As I got fed up with multiple boss spawns and the running between them, not long ago, I added three more alts (a total of five dedicated Boss alts now) to my collection, a Valkyrie, a Konuichi and a Wizard. All using the same equipment (DUO Liverto + Grunil + a mix of +0 MoS and DUO Bares ~140 AP), the Wizard, compared to the other two is just chilling and relaxing taking full loot every boss. Compared, using a try hard playstyle, I am just barely able to reach top loot with my Valkyrie and my Konuichi being late.

The pure stupidity of playing a Witch, fighting Bosses made any other class redundant. With a total of four skills, one of them being a dodge, any boss is dropping full loot while none of them is a challenge but Kutum (you need very quick reflexes with a Level 51 Witch to survive his attacks). One of my guild mates just stopped playing his Witch alt as he wasn’t able to take this kind of joke.

Speed Spell > MMA > Mana Absorption > repeat > GG…

Still, one last word of advice that will greatly improve your performance: Do no slack on the Elixir or Frenzy, the Serendia Meal and your Speed Spell. Those three things greatly improve your overall DPS!

Why take the hard way, if there is an easy one… I hope I was able to help some of you increasing their loot, good hunt!

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