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Archive: Black Desert Online – Disclaimer

In Black Desert Online you can either believe in something our you do not.

Black Desert is a nightmare for Theory Crafters, regardless of the amount of tests and time you committed, there is close to nothing you can prove. With all those hidden stats and RNG in the game the only thing you can do is: to create a logical theory about something that seems fitting. Once your theory is done all you can do is believe in it or not.

Given that I will add this disclaimer to everything that cannot be proven 100%

Examples for stuff that cannot be proven with reasons why:
Exact additional Accuracy on enhancing weapons
With the official Statement of CM_Jouska that the additional HP/MP are RNG each time you level up the possibility that other stats are randomly increased each level up is not that far away. Given that tests that include two people will have an unknown Accuarcy Stat in addition to an unknown Evasion Stat. Combining this with a possible non linear Evasion Formula you have no way of telling how much additional Accuracy enhancing weapons will give.

> You can believe in Liverto / Kzarka giving more Accuracy than Yuria or you do not.

Excat Damage Formula
With the Patch on May 13th – 2016 the Musa & Maehwa received a “increase in basic stats for AP and DP”. These numbers could not be found in your character sheet but the increased received / increased dealt damage was confirmed by the Musa & Maehwa players. This confirms hidden AP/DP values as well – combined with leveling up RNG you will never be able to tell the exact DP of your target or your exact AP. Thanks to that it is not possible to created “that” Damage Formula for Black Desert Online.

> You can believe in a Damage Formula or you do not.