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CBT1 Review – 3/4

Dear Diary, today I had lasagne! Well, my fioncee cooked it for me and it was delicious! So I logged in the 3rd day of the CBT with a satisfied belly. After killing a few random mobs as warm up I began were I left and finished the last quests of Desertfort, here in that last area of Desertfort I got the quest that I might needed to longest time to complete for. “Blood-Red Fragment” was what I had to search… there were a maximum of two mobs per pull possible (mostly only one). I am not sure how many of those poor bastard fell for my sword, yet all the sand of Desertfort was red because of their blood…

The grind gets real!

Yet I did not dislike that killing spree of mine as a lot of other mobs were around and my pulls were around ~10-15 kills each, I got a good amount of extra XP here while doing that main quest. After a few in and outs of the last area of Desertfort I was sent to Labyrinth Forest (LaF) to finish my journey. Still ahead in level I did what I am best at: questing.webm. While Jovens and I had managed to don’t quest in each others area up until now in the mid of LaF our paths crossed each other. Due to the, imho, small questing areas and low monster population we decided to group up and do our quests together. If I did not told you already – Jovens is a wizard. With the two of us it was easily possible to nuke more than 20 mobs in one pull if the area allowed us to gather that much. But the happiness of bombing through LaF was just a short period of time, suddenly after finishing a Mossy Sandstone Elemental my game shut down without any further notice.

Worst case scenario had started!

Everytime I tried to log back in with my character did result at the game shutting down without any error message once it did the loading. After the 3rd failed login with my main I tried to login in with a diffrent character to hit on a GM about that problem, to that time Jovens and RalphJ started a thread about them having the same problem. My first thought on that was that we did somehow to manage to crush LaF with the three people of us. After I went through a lot of cutscences again I was able to talk to GM Spectre who started to check on our problem. We did diffrent kinds of possible solutions yet none of them helped, not only us, the three players, but the the GMs too didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I got an idea while doing the starting area with a new character, maybe Spectre could clone our characters! After I did ask him and he spoke to some other people at their HQ he said they would do this for the three of us as they looked forward to our review for reaching level cap. So roughly two hours later we three logged back into the game with our new cloned characters. It was close to a perfect copy yet it was not possible to copy our quest progress so we had to start over from the beginning of LaF. notthatbigofadeal.jpg after a good amount of questing we came near that passage with the Mossy Sandstones and just because I didn’t want to jinx it I said:

Urza: guys, dont kill those mossy sandstone elemental we do not know if it was them causing the bug
RalphJ: sure just let us skip them
Jovens: no kill them to be sure

Well Jovens was right, even on our way to level 40 we were here to test the game on possible bugs and no one else was near us so I did what we were there for, I started to slice myself through the horde of sandstone elementals. Everything was fine after 9 dead sandstones and I began to thought I had nothing to do with those poor rocks so I turned around to finish what I was here for and killed the 10/10 for my quest.

GG game is shutting down and I again, can’t log in…

Relogging to me alt I was able to speak to Spectre again about what did happen but this time I knew what caused the bug so Spectre just needed to clear that quest out of my log and I was able to log back in!

Questname: Labyrinth Forest Purification
Repeatable Quest
Starting NPC: Curia Scholar Delphia

Spectre created an announcement for the players to skip this quest but I later heard that some other people fell for the trap, dying a horrible, slow and painful death… RIP
But now the GMs were able to help those poor souls to find their final rest back in their bodies again and the tale of the forest purification began to spread that only a few chosen fell into Delphias trap.

Back on track we head directly into the unknown our quests written down in an old and dusty book. We still had a few hours left on the 3rd day and as Jovens and I got our Battlemode quests we went for it! After a small talking adventure to diffrent NPCs Starwing, Guardian of something I did not read sent us out to bring him back five powerful items. He also was kind enough to provide us a medicine that would power us up to the level of being OP. Anxious about our Battlemode Jovens and I went out to pick those five items for Starwing. Well it was a quest inside a blue abysmo so we broke it and went into the portal. We found ourself in some kind of arena like enviroment with four statues, one on each side, standing around. Curious about I broke one statue it woke up.

~7000 HP
Damage per hit: Ø 700

Damage per hit: Ø 700

Our enemy
~300,000 HP
Damage per hit: Ø 1000

We remembered the OP medicine starwing provided us and this time we know what it was for, we opened our medicines and the cool liquid ran down our throats. A huge warcry came out of my lungs and I rushed, ready to kill, a hard but short fight started and I found myself running away in the direction of the exit. The medicine had no effect at all!

Damn you Starwing, you betrayed us! But we will survive this to take revenge on you! Fear us!

Outside of the abysmo Jovens contacted a GM to secure the information about the betrayl of Starwing and we went ahead doing the quests that were not given to us by filthy and fraudulent NPCs. Yet we soon ran out of quests with a lot XP needed for the level up. – Starting Level 36 the grind is real! Doing the rest of our repeatables and killing every group of mobs we could gathered Jovens ended up level 36 ~85%, RalphJ ended up level 35 unknown % and myself ended up level 37 ~50% at the end of the 3rd. We all knew even with that grind we encountered tomorrow, on the last day, we would be able to reach level 40!

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