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CBT1 Review – 4/4

The final 10 hours for this weekend would start soon, so I prepared myself for the last XPs to get. Jovens, RalphJ and I did already talked about grouping up again as a ton of quests we got yesterday involved killing elite mobs. Lucky us, the repeatable quests did reset too so we had enough quests to do level up. And all of us got a bunch of new quests to do. Most of them were easy to do but a few of them required to kill those 20k HP elites. At first it seemed like we had problem with them but than we did realize that we are more than capable of soloing them if you move correctly so those enemies died fast, yet the quests that involved killing them were really bitchy to us, for 10 drops we needed more than 30 kills.

To give you an idea about our XP situation
XP per Kill ~5000
Time per Kill ~25s
XP for the Quest = 50,0000

30×5,000 = 150,000 + 50,000 = 200,000 XP per Quest
30x 25s = 750 / 60 = ~15 minutes (we had to walk from mob to mob too)

XP 38 > 39 = ~4,000,000

Well as I said before the leveling changed starting level 36 and the game felt finally a lil bit more Cabal thanks to the grinding. And I really hope that they won’t change the XP / XP curve. So we kept on questing the fresh quest for our level ups as well as all possible repeatables. While doing a party repeatable RalphJ had to stop his journey as his character again bugged out. So Jovens and me walked forward remembering the sacrifice RalphJ made for us! (I am still not sure what happend to him), after a good amount of questing both of us went finally a level up 38/39 and both of us were doing the quests we got for that level up. As we did all of the daily repeatables we had no more quest in the matter of minutes as we currently could nuke big bunchs of normal mobs and even elite mobs were falling in a few seconds. You can imagine the result, millions of XP left for level up without any more quests to do…

As there was no chance of us doing the BM quest Jovens became bored and decided to call it at day. (Later I found a possible solution for the BM bug yet I had no chance to test it as it requieres at least two people) So I was, again, alone on my journey to level 40. There was no chance that I would quit it so close before the goal I worked the last days for.

Once he entered the plains of “He did not read they quests so I dont know what this area is called sry” all he could see were dozen of cruel monsters standing around only waiting for those fools to attack them. Some of them walked aroud randomly in a small area while other just walked up and down the same path. There were even monsters that just stood there. But he did not fear them with a casual snuffle he grabbed the who two handed sword that, the sword itself seemed to be big for a sword, it was looking more than a big piece of metal which edge were sharpened… well some would say that is exactly what a sword would look like – a big piece of metal with sharpened edges, nevermind… so he grabbed this sword that was glued to his back and with a furious warcry I rushed to a huge evil mushroom. The sword sliced down right through his enemy yet, as it was magic, he felt no resistance of the mushrooms body. Strange as it felt like the mushrooms refused to fall in to pieces after that powerful sword hit. So he began a fast and steady attack. After another few hits of his sword that did not cut that body into filets the mushrooms suddenly dropped to his feet. Looking at the dead abomination he noticed a strange blue glow. He kneeled down to take a closer look at that mysterious blue glowing mist and as he put his hand in the dead mushroom he felt something metallic. With a strong jolt of his shoulder he freed a shimmering and great looking breastplate. The quality of this piece of heavey armor was easy to see. Wondering how that armor got inside of the mushrooms he put it in his pocket and turned around to another monster…

Six hours after the last CBT1 day started I killed the last enemy and I was rewarded with my final level up *pling*. Roughly 28 hours after the character was created I reached the current level cap!

With ~4 hours left on the clock the first thing I did was going into one of the two new dungeons: Sky Gardens. Oh boy what I have seen there is still filling my heart with joy. Imagining myself doing this dungeon on normalmode let my heart beat faster and just thinking about the challangemode let me shiver. This is the dungeon that will most players push quit the game. Not only looking really tough the dungeon itself is of medium to big size and will cost a huge amount of time for new players once they got their starting gear. Not only the bosses but the whole dungeon seemed very unfriendly and deadly – it will be the place were I will be most of my pve time. (I will do a full review on EM SG later)

After I was done with SG I went for Heavenly Citadel, a fast paced, boss fights only dungeon. I do really like the concept of HC as it allows a nice group experience without trash. Even that normalmode should be doable by most of the players after they have aquired their starting gear. The challanger mode however is for level 45+ so I am excited about that.
But that brings me to another thing I have realized during this CBT, the game itself is already fully or close to fully updated to the korean version. Not only items but skills, dungeons, areas etc. are already in the game but because of the level cap not accessable.
However this is another theme I am going to cover in another posts. Lets continue with the last hours of the CBT.

After doing my first dungeon checks I went back to Frey Hilltown as the infracestructure of this town is the best (dungeon and abysmo vendor are here) and for the first time I read all my skills descriptons and tested them. I went to my vault check up on the diffrent core types and tried a lil bit of upgrading. Within a few minutes I realized that the upgrade and gear progression system is as hardcore as I hoped for it to be. While I was wandering around town trying to improve some of my equipment the urge to kill things grew stronger and I went back to LaF for some more rounds of HC. I did five runs and realized as I got diffrent final bosses that each boss drops a specific type of item. So for e.g. starter tier bracelets you need to kill the scorpion boss of HC, while the dragon boss is dropping earrings. I was lucky and got 4 times the scorpion and once the dragon 😀


For the last minutes of the CBT1 I went back to Frey Hilltown again to idle around with Spec and some other folks near the teleporter. And suddenly – CBT1 were done… RIP

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