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CBT1 Review – 2/4

We are back with round two of four and the second day of the CBT1. Once I woke up and had a delicious meal of casserole (noodles + bacon + princess beans + tomato sauce + cheese) I began to think about the first day of the CBT and I remembered that I did not see any other player for last two level while questing. Curious about that fact I prepared to level my warrior for another few level to check if there are any other player around my area. Once the CBT started I began picking up the quests around me and went right back to do them. While killing mobs for said quests I was looking around for other players. (At this point I did not know how to use the search function ;)) After a few quests I got my next dungeon quest and went directly to do it. Starting the dungeon solo in easymode my sword sliced through the enemies without any resistance and soon I stood in front of the first boss. Ah few seconds later she laid dying to me feet her eyes looking at me while the last breath she made for this run. A system message told me that I am now able to go through the first gate… yeah… moving my cursor all around the gate nothing seemed clickable and I could not just walk through the gate as it was still closed.

The first bug I have found!

Running around the area I cleared before I searched for some kind of button I could use to open this damn gate but I found nothing… angry about that bug I started making a screenshot and writing down some notes for a report later. Angry as I was I starting clicking like a mad man on that damn gate that was still closed… and my character opened it. GG Noob! After this break I started swining my sword around again to slice through the horde of enemies until I triggered some chest to break and spawn a bunch of dogs/wolves that were not only attacking me but my enemies as well. With the power of my slashes I killed them in the blink of an eye and moved forward only to, again, standing in front of a closed gate. Well this time the gate had a big red lock on it and clicking it did not helped at all, so I turned around to check the area I just passed for anything that would help me to open the second gate. On my way back I noticed that some of the dogs were bugged on their spawn not able to move. *ding* I got the idea that I had to clean the area for the gate to open. Said and done those dogs died a quick and painless death. Still the gate did not want to open…

The first bug I have found! (This time for real)

After a couple of minutes I decided to let it go *sing* and walked out of the dungeon through the entrance. I finished a bunch of quests I still had open and as a reward I got more quests for that buggy dungeon… fine if you want it I will take another look at that buggy gate… damn you questgivers. Once I were back in the dungeon my sword starting spinning around killing everything that crossed my path. With the knowledge I had from my first visit I was able to open the first gate instantly after killing the first boss again. Still spinning around I arrived at the 2nd and buggy gate… still not able to open it I began moving around the whole area I just passed again only to find: nothing. Angry with that bug I were clicking the buggy gate again and again… still… nothing… well I stood like the 7th time in front on that gate and so I decided to quit the dungeon again. Well… this time, by chance, I turned my character around turning right… yeah… there was a frikkin huge way… I just turned around six times the wrong site so I never noticed…

The first noob I have found was me…

brainlessviolence.webm + The never ending elevator (a movie for the whole family) later my eyes were blinded by the sunlight again. Walking back to turn all those precious quests I finally stumbled upon people who started questing in this area. And shortly I left the dungeon I was sent do Desertfort for further questing.

No people, no lag!

Was the first thought I had after entering Desertfort, yet before keep going on I decided to go back to the crafting Island and the skilltrainer to prepare my next steps. With all the flowers the nice NPC guy gathered for me I wanted to craft a bunch of health potions. At the alchemy workbench I realized that I not only need those flowers but a good amount of extraction essence as well, intelligent as I am I did extract 90% of all items I had found until now so crafting the flowers into an advanced crafting material was a piece of cupcake. Looking now at the materials needed for the potion I went back to my vault to pick them up… I had one small shadow essence -.- > resulting in craft and a total of five potions… don’t mind and back to Desertfort, who needs health potions anyway.

Back in the desert GM Icee was paying a visit to welcome “The powerlevelers” answering my question Icee told me that there were a total of three players in the area, and she also told me about the search function, so I finally was able to check the level of other players… those to players were two level ahead of me… to be honest while doing that I started to like the idea me being the highest character of the CBT! shakehead.gif I can catch those two with the power of my mighty sword. This was the moment I decided to go max level before any other player in the CBT! Lucky me I got a bunch of new AoE skills and starting from that moment I was always pulling 5-15 enemies of possible, reducing the time i needed for quests to a minimum, closing the gap to Jovens and Wunder to a mere level. Still for a few hours of questing I was not able to catch up to them…

At level 24 there was another quest I do well remember: Bring 1 Whirling Essence and 2 Shadow Essence – up until now I did extract all of my green and blue drops and I was able to take the two needed shadow essence out of my vault. Yet I had no Whirling Essense laying around so I did what the quest was telling me, getting level two in my crafting profession to be able to combine advanced essences. Said and done! Yeah that whirling essence I needed, needed 10 normal whirling essences for itself… I had none.
This was the first time I /w another player. I asked Jovens if they already had done that quest and he told me that both of them not even knew where essences came from, I told them they have to extract items on the NPC to get those and both starting to clearing their inventorys, all they got were two normal whirling essences, for my self I resumed questing and extracting as I thought I might get those whirling essence eventually. But! I started to take a look at the products of my extraction and I began to realize that the possible results of extractions is based on what items I threw in the extraction. Knowing this I got my hands on a bunch of whirling essences in no time at all! I had so much of them that I sold a bunch of them for 500,000 Alz each on the auction house exorbitantpricesinc.jpg (I sold all of them beingrichnow.jpg).

Somewhere around level 27 I not only catched up but passed Jovens and Wunder in level! I went into levelmode and I was able to increase my lead to a whole level. At the end of the 2nd day I got to level 31 while Jovens was 30 and RalphJ who passed Wunder due to him going offline reached I believe 29. With that I felt like I am able to get to level 40 as first player!

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