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Cabal 2 – Lv45 Gear Progression

This guide on the Cabal 2 – Lv45 Gear progression shall provide you the necessary information you need to gear yourself up – as long as the maximum level is 45. This guide will feature PvE and PvP Gear progression. I can promise you – that, if you follow this guide – you will be one of the most powerful equipped players on the server.
However, please keep in mind that this guide is about the Gear progression and not about class based builds. For this you can check our my other class specific guides.

First things first, if you have every considered using the Dark Wing Set – for PvE or PvP reasons – forget about this already, I will give you a detailed analysis why this is the worst set, on the same level of crappyness with the Blue Night (Black Wave Gray Canyon Raid), compared to the other available sets until the level cap is increased to 50 and Lv45 will stick with us for at least six to twelve months.


The PvE and the hybrid PvX Set

For pure PvE players and players that now and then PvP there is only one option to go for! The Law Ruler Set. This has two major reasons. First – the Set is Bind on Equip – that means you can buy gear from other players, allowing you to directly hunt for those stats you choose for your build. The second reason – the item level for the Law Ruler Set is iLv59 allowing you to use Lv60 Cores/Refurbish Kits instead of the Lv70 which are needed by the Dark Wing/Blue Night Set. Simplified you need ~4 times less Alz to upgrade your equipment.

Actually it is true that the Dark Wing Set has higher primary and secondary stats as the Law Ruler Set – due to the fact that it is iLv61 and the Blue Night Set (iLv63) stats are even higher than the Dark Wing BUT let us compare the rolls of those three sets (Chest Armor):

Law Ruler (iLv59) Dark Wing (iLv61) Blue Night (iLv63)
Base Phy. Defense: 1730 Base Phy. Defense: 1789 Base Phy. Defense: 1847
Accuracy: 188-502 Accuracy: 193-517 Accuracy: 200-532
Ø Accuracy Roll: 345 Ø Accuracy Roll: 355 Ø Accuracy Roll: 366

This very minor difference is true for every possible stat and combined with the, already mentioned, fact that you need Lv60 cores instead of Lv70 cores is more than enough of a reason but combined with the fact that you can buy good rolled items from other players using the Law Set instead of the Dark Wing/Blue Night is a logic overkill.

The pure PvE player will stick with the Law Ruler weapon / offhand while I highly recommend that hybrid players are investing in the Lv45 purple PvP weapon set while this will result in a higher damage in a PvE situation due to the higher base damage (iLv61) it will also increase the damage in PvP due to the additional primary PvP stats.

The PvP Set – Is it worth it?

First of all – at the current moment of writing this I do not have the formula for the Lv45 PvP stats done – but I can tell you that the PvP Defense is always worth the costs if you are a true PvP player! However this part of the gear progression guide will also compare the Lv45 PvP Set to the Lv50 PvP Set – this is important as the Set is iLv61 and requires Lv70 cores to be upgraded.

First we will compare the two Sets against each other before we go on (Chest Armor):

Lv45 PvP Set (iLv61) Lv45 PvP Set (iLv61) +10 Lv50 PvP Set (iLv85)
Base Phy. Defense: 1730 Base Phy. Defense: 2505 Base Phy. Defense: 2493
PvP Defense: 570 PvP Defense: 798 PvP Defense: 1033
Accuracy: 193-517 Accuracy: 270-724 Accuracy: 267-706
Ø Accuracy Roll: 355 Ø Accuracy Roll: 497 Ø Accuracy Roll: 487

While we do not need to argue about the fact that the Lv50 PvP Set +10 is the best possible equipment at Lv50 for a PvP player the fact that the Lv45 +10 has higher stats than the non upgrade version remains. In addition both sets are Bind on Pickup so for both sets you will need huge amounts of Refurbish Kits to get decent stats but with the Lv45 +10 you will still be “on Boss Level” when Lv50 is released and still for a long time after that – I would say that the Lv45 +10 will be for the next 18-24 months the best possible PvP Set out there. There is also the possibility that Lv55 will be released on Korea before we get the Lv50 patch which would reduce the overall waiting time for Lv55 on the NA/EU server resulting in the fact that it might be possible to switch directly to the Lv55 PvP Set using the Lv45 PvP Set now – giving you a very long time to prepare your bank account for the Lv55 Set.

That said – the question – Law Ruler of Lv45 PvP Set is solely up to you. Yet another thing you have to consider – you will need a lot of Honor Points to buy enough PvP Equipment boxes to get the full purple PvP Weapon (with Effect Core Slot) / Armor Set and currently there is not much PvP going on resulting in a low gain of Honor Points per day.

Personally – I recommend the Lv45 PvP Set to all PvP players that have the will – and enough time – it will be for a long time the non plus ultra in any PvP situation in the battleground and in the “soon” to be released Cabal 2 Nation War.

Jewelry PvE & PvP

For your jewelry set you want to have 4 items from the Law Ruler Set (4 Set Bonus – Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, Earring) and two items from the Frostwind Set (2 Item Bonus – Earring, Bracelet) as the rolls are only by close to nothing lower but you gain Evasion and HP. For the second ring you want to use the orange quest reward ring which has really good stats. Later you want to swap the orange Ring for either a better rolled Law Ruler or Frostwind ring.

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