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IHA Server Merge

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Server Merge, Bot Changelog and Upcoming Features

Hey! The day has finally come for the two new IHA Servers to open their gates! Here, you will find a brief explanation about the Server Merge, the Bot Changelog including the new commands and some of the upcoming and planned Features for the IHA.

Server Merge

With the merge of the BDO Servers into a Mega Server the old layout of the IHA didn’t fit anymore. As a result the IHA Servers merged as well and to fit the new requirements a few things were added and/or changed.
The biggest change might be the, still unconfirmed, new Field Boss System. Some of you might remember the Event Boss King Targargo. His spawning System is basically how Field Bosses work nowadays on the Korean Server and we are certain that we will receive the same system with the upcoming update. In case we won’t get the Korean System but we keep our current System, you can forget about everything regarding the #live_fields instantly. We are prepare for both Systems but to ensure a smooth transition I will explain the new Field Boss System anyway.

Basically Field Bosses spawn in up to ten channels with a small difference in time. This will result in only one channel having a Field Boss up at the same time but we will get a Channel wide Announcement on Spawn. (I am certain we are able to kill a Field Boss before the next one in spawning) Yet, different Field Bosses can still spawn at the same moment.
Currently the system behind the spawning is unknown. Once figured out some kind of pattern we will create a better est. Spawn System for Field Bosses but until then we have to work with the new Field Boss Announcement ingame.

The #live_fields keep track separately for each Field Boss. The commands can be found in the Bot Changelog.

The next “big” change if you want to call it that way is the new !sub System. With a huge amount of players on a single Discord chatting at the same time in the same channel things get hard to read. To prevent a spam in a single channel a lot of new topic based channels were created. However, as the amount of new channels is kinda big those channels are completely free to use and you are able to choose which ones you want to see. If you want to know more about the available channels:
Website Channel List or Google Doc

Everything else is basically working like before and without using the !sub System the new Servers will almost look exactly like the old Servers.

The Seasoned Hunter count was increased to 100 – everything else about that System stays the same – check the upcoming Features about more information regarding the Seasoned Hunter System.

Bot Changelog

#live_calls is splitted into #live_calls (World Bosses) and #live_fields (Field Bosses)

#live_calls changes
a new layout was created to give a better overview about all channels
live_calls supports Kzarka, Kutum and Karanda
Nouver soon™
Due to technical Limits within Discord there are no additional Information for now

#initial_calls removed

#seasoned_calls removed

Notification System for Field Bosses changed. Use !sub boss to activate/deactivate Notifications on a Field Boss.
!sub red
!sub mud
!sub bheg
!sub dim

Enable/Disable Notification for Kutum with “!kutum join, !kutum leave” (disabled by default)

!sub System (read more: pdf, url, google doc)

Basic Command to Spawn a Field Boss – “Bosstag ChannelNumber up”
bh = Bheg
dt = Dim Tree
rn = Red Nose
gm = Mudster
e.g. “gm ca5 up”
Update HP/Info works like before

World Bosses don’t despawn automatically once all channels are called dead. A Seasoned Hunter needs to confirm the kill.

Five votes are required to spawn a World Boss.

Upcoming Features

Seasoned Hunter System Improvement
Seasoned Hunter System Optimization – Status: Planning
The current Seasoned Hunter System is the first step of a motivational reward system to encourage the users to call and to participate in the community. For the moment the system only includes Field & World Boss Hunting. In addition there is no weighting of actions in the system. While the system yield fruits it is not balanced around fairness and needs optimization.

Possible upcoming Changes:
-include whale hunting (+)
-include khalk hunting (+)
-include horse racing (?)
-include gatekeeper (?)
-change the system from mere calls to weighting calls
e.g. first up call +3 “hunting points”
e.g. difference between hunting points between hunting/fields/world
a system that give no/less points for repeating calls
no/less points for notices than for calling %

adding more Features for Seasoned Hunters

“Token System”
As most people know Bosses only drop a certain amount of loot per Kill. There are a lot of theories around the looting system but we def. know that not everybody will receive loot if too many people are on the same channel. On the other hand, killing a Boss with less than the maximum number of drops is a wasted Boss as well. To better coordinate and to maximize the possible Loot of everybody the so called “Token” System steps in.

Basically everybody is able to set their starting Channel. This will be shown in the #live_calls and will show the amount of people starting/waiting in each channel for the next Spawn. This way people will see what Channels have still slots left and can join other channels accordingly.

The starting channel will be removed once a Boss spawned and the Channel is cleared again.

Set Token > Kzarka Spawns > Kzarka is killed > Token Reset
Set Token > Kzarka Spawns > Karanda Spawns > Karanda is killed > Kzarka is killed > Reset Token

IHA Relay
I will try to bring back the Relay one way or another!

Authentication System
For now the Auth System is freezed.

Survey Information
Once the Servers are running smoothly I will create a Compilation of the latest Survey, answering questions/feature requests etc.

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