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Black Desert Online – Patchnotes 2016 11 16

Hey everybody!

This week’s patchnotes actually deserve to be called patchnotes, I took my time to filter out some the most important changes for you!

Events & other Changes

#Thanksgiving event added (includes a special world boss called “King Targargo”

# marketplace bidding system was changed (you can now “bid” on an item once it is in the marketplace, the highest bid will get the item)
# various changes to the marketplace (e.g. no more captcha for buying normal items)

# various changes to the camera, sound and system messages
# tutorial can now be skipped if you have a character lv50+

PvP & Class Changes

# after the 3rd grab your target will receive bonus grapple resistance
# various minor tweaks and bug fixes across all classes

# Warrior: The buff effect of GreatSword Training that has been applied to close-range attacks will now applies to all attacks.
# Berserker: Super Armor added to to 100% Fearsome Tyrant
# Berserker: For the skills Wrath of Beast, Ire of Beast, Beast Roar, and Fearsome Tyrant, the character will recover 350 HP every second while the character has an appearance of a beast.
# Tamer: Summon duration of Heilang changed to 30 minutes
# Tamer: Cooldown for Heilang summon skill changed from 120 seconds to 6 seconds.
# Witch/Wizard: Skill Added, Ultimate: Teleport.
# Musa: The distance of the skill Chase has been adjusted to match the Maehwa.
# Musa/Maewha: Required WP decreased for the skill Chase.

Item Changes

# 100 Shattered Items can be exchanged for the actual item:
100 Shattered Rings → Ring of Crescent Guardian at NPC Atosa
100 Shattered Belts → Centaur’s Belt at NPC Bahir
100 Shattered Necklace → Ogre Ring at NPC Tobare
100 Sicil’s Shattered Necklace → Sicil’s Necklace at NPC Inaha

# new combination recipes have been added:

You can get 1 Cadry Piece Obsidian Decoration by combining 5 Ruby Decorations.
You can get 1 Cadry Piece Ruby Decoration by combining 9 Blue rings.
You can get 1 Basilisk’s Piece Snake skin belt by combining 5 Alignment pins.
You can get 1 Basilisk’s Piece Alignment Pin by combining 9 Basilisk’s rings.

Mechanic Changes

# Durability will now be recovered to 100% when you finish upgrading a Barricade to the Iron Barricade version during Node/Conquest Wars.
# the amount of Recovery Centers has been increased based on the Node/Fort:
3 recovery centers for [Node] Square Fort
4 recovery centers for [Node] Strong Square Fort
5 recovery centers for [Node] Sturdy Square Fort
5 recovery centers for [Conquest] Command Post
3 recovery centers for [Conquest] Square Fort
5 recovery centers for [Conquest] Strong Square Fort
5 recovery centers for [Conquest] Sturdy Octagonal Fort
6 recovery centers for [Conquest] Field HQ
# Recovery center function has been changed to ‘decrease resurrect standby time’. Each recovery center will reduce 10 seconds from the resurrect standby time.

# Mounts: All birth skills can now be changed afterwards. (bye bye Caution)
# Wild horses will now have its level be randomized from 1 to 10.

Monster Changes

# The amount of Hunter Seal’s for killing the following Quest Bosses have been increased:
Red Nose
Hebetate Tree Spirit
Dastard Bheg
Hexe Marie
# Added the following Monsters that have a chance to drop Seraph’s Necklace:
Cadry Commander – Cardry Ruins
Shadow of Gahaz – Gahaz Bandits
# Chance for Ingots when killing Gatekeeper were increased

You can find the full Patchnotes here.
Good Hunt!

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