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Gathering Diary 04: 2016/07/25

Dear Diary,
welcome to another entry about Black Digging Online or Digging Simulator 2016 or “Digging can be done AFK but we dont want you to do something useful in the meantime so you have to sit their and watch your character digging at the exact same position breaking 120 Shovels in 10 minutes while you still put the sand back at the exact same position so you can did at the exact same position another to and always find something else in the exact same sand Online”. Well… with more than 6,000 Shovels this time my Luck on Sharps is decreasing and decreasing – I only got 1/3 of the amount on Sharps I had in my last entries but therefor my Hard Count did rise quite a bit.

While I really feel “exhausted” from the digging I was able to watch close the the whole Clone Wars Series in the process and to finish the 100,000 Shovels that I want to test I guess I will be able to watch a lot more Series in the meantime! Well, I have to say I mainly used my Main Character to Dig this week as my other characters currently have different work to do but starting next week all will be back at the Bazaar to shovel that Sand!

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