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Free to Play but Fun to Play? – Forge of Gods


Forge of Gods is a F2P MMORTS that can be played via Steam or directly in the your browser. The player takes of the command over an army with a maximum of 15 units and will engage his enemies in a round based combat system. Forge of Gods does offer PvP but you are not directly fighting other players but their armies controlled by the computer. At least currently there is no active coop mode in combat but Forge of Gods does feature guilds including raids and guild wars but in the end, at least until now, the game is a “singleplayer” MMO.

Graphic & Sound

There is not much to say on the sound part of Forge of Gods the sounds are quite competitive which most likely results in you turning it off shortly after you started playing the game.

Well, Forge of Gods does not have a fancy 3D engine, instead Forge of Gods is using a cartoonish 2D style that fits the gameplay. The animations of the different attacks / skills of your armies creatures also blend in very well.

As for the style or better said the appearance of you armies creatures Forge of Gods follows the simple rule – the stronger the bigger it needs to be and that works splendidly. Even without knowing a certain creatures power or stats just from the visuals you easily know that the foe you are fighting against surely is a powerful opponent.


Lots of different skills and creatures to choose from allowing quite some powerful combinations and synergies. The game features three races – Human, Beast and Demon – in addition to a variety of classes and even the gender of your creatures does influence your actual armies power.

The army system itself is where Forge of Gods really shines you instantly get addicted to the collection and the evolving of your creatures. While the system is somewhat grindy looking at the higher tier units it rewards you on the work you put into it as nothing feels as good as seeing your beloved creature becoming stronger and stronger. Forge of Gods offers various ways to capture new creatures for your army like farming them or go for the beloved RNG.

Like a lot of F2P games Forge of Gods has a limiter system included which limits your daily progress (of course it can be bypassed by cashing into the game but more on that later). While that limit is quite high combined with the amount of different things you are able to do, especially once you have entered a guild, you will eventually run out of stuff to do. One could either see that as a plus or a minus, depending on how intense you like to play Forge of Gods.

Without a guild there are two kinds of PvP activity you are able to compete against other players in. The Arena PvP and the Tournament PvP. The Arena will reward you, based on your position on the ladder, with special currency which can be used to “recruit” special creatures for your army. There is a weekly and a monthly Arena reward and both of them are cleared after the reward was given.

The Tournaments are held every few weeks for one week. You will climb different leagues. The rewards are special and unique creatures for your army, yet quite a few of them will be available on other means later in the game as well.

Now, let us take a look at the PvE that Forge of Gods offers. Forge of Gods offer three types of PvE mission, normal missions, tactical missions and boss mission. While the normal missions are fairly easy – the tactical and boss mission do often require some higher tactic to be done successfully. All missions have five different difficulty settings which are available on a certain level and after finishing the lower difficulty stages. Further one the PvE you are offered seven daily switching trials which have fixed requirements e.g. only female creature within your army. Another PvE part of Forge of Gods is the daily area within that area there are certain daily dungeons which will yield fairly high rewards on completing them. Last but not least joining a guild will allow to fight against some powerful raid bosses.

Forge of Gods also offers various quests. The quests are divided into three categories: Daily, Main and Epic. While Daily quests are fairly short and most of the time involve the things you do anyway, the Main and Epic quests have a lot higher “requirements”.

Pay to Win?

Nowadays one of the most important question for people that look for a new game to play. Like most Free to Play games, Forge of Gods does offers micro transactions which allow you to drastically increase your own power. This ranges from the option to bypass the daily fighting limits up to directly buying creatures for your army.

On the other hand does Forge of Gods rewards active players with a fairly high amount cash shop currency for playing the game which allows active players to at least somewhat keep up with the cashers. Still, the Pay to Win in Forge of Gods is fairly high looking at the Top 100 players of the servers.

Gladly, most of the players do not feel those people cashing as you are fighting around your own armies power. Comparing the normal player against one that cashes you will have very little contact to those players – in the end, even while being an MMO – most of the time you play Forge of Gods as a solo player.

Personal Experience / Opinion

My personal opinion about Forge of Gods is fairly good. I love the Pokemon attitude towards your army and I love the mass of possible combination in your army. More than once I did switch out my complete army just to try a new combination of skills. There is a lot of room for perfection which already starts at the position of your creatures within your army as their position has direct influence on all creatures around and the flow of the fight.

For the PvP I do really miss the option to fight against other humans. The turn based combat system would allow it… once you have figured out how the KI is working you can fight much stronger armies abusing the positioning of your own army.

In terms of PvE a lot of early fights are extremely easy, but later – looking at the trials and the higher difficulty tactical and boss missions you need quite some tactic to beat the level if you are using an army that fits the power level of the mission. The raids also allow for clever tactics.

As I never were forced to compete against the top players I didn’t felt much of an impact on the micro transaction part of the game. The currency I made ingame allowed me some great Quality of Life improvements or to increase my armies strength when I was in need of that.

Overall, I can recommend Forge of Gods to people that are interested in some relaxing RTS. As long as you are interested in investing a few minutes up to one to two hours a day Forge of Gods is quite some fun.


Graphic and Sound: 06/10
Multiplayer: 02/10
Gameplay: 07/10
Pay2Win: 03/10
Bonus Points: +1 for the army system

Total Rating: 5,5/10

Free to play but Fun to play? Yes!

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