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Cabal 2 – Incompetence should be renamed to ESTsoft!

To be honest, I wonder myself how this company is still able to annoy me. I already knew after the CBT that Cabal 2 will not succeed due to its publisher and yet I told myself – and my guild countless times that everything will be good! One disappointment after another proved me wrong and in the end most people playing Cabal 2 left the game.

Starting this time I told myself not to care anymore, with the game pretty much dead I decided to do something else and come back once level 45 is released. Without any expectations I waited patiently. I knew from the very beginning – after they showed how they handle new content with the Black Wave: Labyrinth Forest patch, that the new patch might only contain the new area without any other content… well they at least released the basic Gray Canyon dungeons with the patch…

Even without me expecting anything this patch utterly disappointed me again, again I am annoyed by the incompetence of this company and I am not talking about the crap they did with the crafting proficiencies – I know that those items are completely crap.

For me it is not understandable how this whole company cannot have at least a single person that is able to actually think through their actions…
With all that past bot problems how can a pack of people be so stupid to implement something like the instant respawn system that is “featuring” Gray Canyon?! How am I supposed to imagine myself one of their meetings?

“Thank you everybody for coming today! Our main topic today is the latest change in the weekly rotation of the canteen, but before we come to the important part of the meeting I just want to mention some things about the new patch tomorrow. *hands out patch notes for the very first time* *points on someone* Your job is to post some random information from this on the official forums, don’t mind if you are not able to copy paste it exactly – a general overview is enough for those 15 people using the forum. Okay – any questions or comment of the changes we will implement in tomorrows patch?
Nobody? Perfectly so lets talk about Spagetti Tuesday…”

How can it be that NOBODY of them is saying something like:

“Hey regarding that Instant Respawn thing – from the datas we have on player behaviour – they might starting to exploid that system and if the bots are going to refine their scripts especially for that, the new zone will be full of bots that basically can farm unlimited amounts of Alz in no time at all!”

or what about this:

“Guys, we really did some mistakes in our latest patches and actually we can not effort to loose any more players, before this patch we should not only really think about what we are patching but we also should make sure that the content we are patching in is enough for our remaining players to be satisfied. If we do this patch right we might also be able to get new players joining the game or old players that quit the game to return!”

I could go on endlessly and I am not even started talking about things they fucked up in the past…
In my opinion Cabal 2 had such a great potential to succeed but thanks to the ignorance, incompetence and the not existing will to change something ESTsoft crippled this game to the point of no return. This game will never be able to recover with this kind of people as publisher. When was the last time you ever saw a new MMORPG released with only a single server for all the people from all over the world? I mean there a only that few players interested in that game that a single server is enough to be home for all of them.

Sadly it seems there are still enough players left that they are able to maintain the game…

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