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Black Desert Online – Server Merge Announced

Greetings everybody,

Today, Kakao announced the official date for the Server Merge of the NA and EU Servers. All EU Server will be merged into one Server and all NA Servers will be merged into one Server. The amount of Channels will be increased to 36. There are various other things that will get merged together like Warehouses and Workers, you can find the detailed Information about the merge here.

What are your thoughts on the merge? Let us know in the Comments below!

3 Comments on Black Desert Online – Server Merge Announced

  1. I will be quitting. No official announcements before these recent huge events meant that the few who knew (and there were quite a few) were prepared and got 6x boss armor for doing nothing but login to each server.

    No more balance, this should have been done much earlier or not done.

    No refunds, so Daum fucks us over, slowly turns it into F2P but not giving previous buyers any benefits. It’s not that I’m against having 1 big server or F2P, I’m against not letting the old players know whats happening before doing it.

  2. so you are mad because you were too lazy to take a few seconds to log on each server during events that just required log in?

    Everyone had thee same opportunity to do so, stop being mad and crying about how unfair it is, it is 100% fair and legit

  3. sorry the comment was meant for the original post, not here

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