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Three Methods for Flux Farming in Trove

Basically everything in Trove needs Flux and there are two ways to generate it – deconstructing items with the Loot Collector or opening boxes. However players are able to trade Flux between each other and due to that Flux has become the unofficial currency in Trove.

Thanks to that you can buy everything your heart desires if you have enough Flux in your pocket. On the other hand you can sell everything in the game to others players for their Flux and with the introduction of the player marketplace – both – buying and selling items has become a child’s play.

Thanks to that the acquisition of Flux reached a new level and hourly rate of more than 10.000 Flux are easily to reach. This guide will provide you three different methods of Flux farming in Trove allowing you to pick the one which fits your personal style. Following this guides will allow you to reach the state of a Fluxillionaire with ease.

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