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Radiant Shard Hunting

While Radiant Shard farming were always resulting in a good amount of Flux per hour it was sometimes problematic to sell huge amounts of Radiant Shards. Thanks to the player marketplace this problem is gone and you are basically able to sell every amount of Radiant Shards in no time.

To be able to hunt for Radiant Shards you need access to the Sky Realm this can either being achieved with crafting your own Sky Portal and your own Club (as the Sky Portal needs to be placed inside a Club World) or by simply joining one of the many existing Clubs in Trove. Other than the access to a Sky Portal only wings are needed for farming Radiant Shards.

“The Sky Portal.”

Once you entered the Sky Realm you need to look for the Sky Lairs which are shown on the world map.

“They are always located in the blue area of the map!”

At the bottom of each Lair you will find a Dark Heart.


Upon use it will spawn Radiant Boxes. The destruction of those boxes result in the drop of Radiant Shards and once the time is up there is a chance to receive a Radiant Cache as well.

“Radiant Shard Boxes.”

Calculating two Sky Lairs in five minutes with the average yield of 50 Radiant Shards per Lair and one Radiant Cache every 2nd Lair this method sums up to 9.000 Flux per hour. Adding a 3rd Lair to the five minute timer 13.000 Flux per hour is possible. However this can even further increased with farming Radiant Shards on a Friday when the daily bonus gives another 50% of those precious Radiant Shards resulting in more than 20.000 Flux per hour as a possible outcome.

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