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Flux Farming – Conclusion

For the most effective farming I recommend that you farm different things based on the daily bonus.


E.g. mining on a Tuesday will either save you 50% of your time or resulting in ~50% more Flux at the end of the day which is simply more effective than mining on every other day of the week. The same rule applies for Radiant and Shadow Shard farming on Fridays.

Overall those high numbers of hourly Flux income are only possible thanks to the player marketplace. Before you always had to search for a trading partner resulting in at least the same time, that was used for farming, watching the trade chat and often your trade partner took only a small part of your stock in addition a lot of items have now a much higher value than they had before due to the higher demand of those. Now all the time you need to sell something is to check the price on the player marketplace and then to list your item.

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