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Cooking with Urza – Casserole with Bacon and Green Beans

Casserole with Bacon and Green Beans is a quite delicious meal that does not need much time to be cooked. There are not big tricks in the cooking or preparation needed so even noobs with a low cooking skill have some quite high proc chances. This guide shall help you to get through the whole crafting process without any problems and you should be able to easily clear all three phases without a wipe.

Ingredients for two persons:

250g Noodles (I recommend something like Fusilli – Chef’s Choice: Elbow Spaghetti)
1 can / pack of Tomato Sauce
150g Green Beans
4 Carrots
1 Onion
100g Cheese (Chef’s Choice: Gouda)

Time needed:

~45 Minutes total
~15-20 Minutes for Preparation and Cooking
~20-30 Minutes Oven Time (depending on the Noodles you have chosen)

Recommended Spices: (Optional)

Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Tomato Paste, Nutmeg, White Wine, Chili / Hot Paprika

Preparation Phase:

The Preparation Phase is highly based on your Knife Skill and the Itemlevel of your knife. The higher the sharpness of your knife and your actual skill level the easier and faster this part of the crafting will get.
First peel and dice the carrots and the onion. After that cut the bacon in small pieces.
I personally prefer bacon stripes but you can also use this already diced bacon you can buy in most convenience stores.

Cooking Phase:

With the Preparation Phase done you have cleared around 25% of the crafting process. The next phase is the Cooking Phase. A high cooking Skill as well as actual knowledge about your kitchen will help you to succeed this part of the crafting encounter but even low skilled cooking noobs should be able to follow the following steps. Please note the better you work on those steps the higher the actual chance to proc the extreme delicious version of the casserole. Also using rare ingredients will greatly increase the taste in the end.

First heat your pan and gently roast the carrots, onions and the bacon together. Gently roasting does not mean roast them until they are black! Not only does burned food, in most cases, taste horrible but most of the times it is bad for your health as well!
Once the gentle roasting is done we are going to set the actual taste of the casserole by spicing things up. While you can just spice the sauce later I recommend using your spices directly on the vegetables and the bacon so their flavor can draw into them.

If you are using my recommended spices be cautious with the sugar and the nutmeg as they just require a very low amount to influence the actual taste of the final product. In addition – as we use bacon – just use a tip of salt as the bacon already brings a lot. On your first try you should be careful in general with all spices!

Once the spicing is done deglaze everything by pouring in some white wine.
Once the wine is vaporized add your tomato sauce and let everything simmer for a few moments. Next add the noodles into the sauce and stir it well.

While everything is simmering a few more moments add the green beans into a casserole dish. Make sure you cover the whole ground of the dish.

It is perfectly fine if you use frozen green beans but in summer I actually use fresh ones as they have an even better taste. While the frozen green beans can simply be used – if you decided to use fresh green beans you have to boil / steam them for about 20 minutes before using them as raw green beans are poisonous.

Now pour your sauce with the noodles on top of the green beans. The last step of the Cooking Phase is to put your cheese on top of everything.

Oven Phase:

The Oven Phase is completely done by an NPC. Turn on your oven on circulation and ~180°C (~356°F) and chill for about 20-30 minutes (depending on the noodles you used).
To check if your casserole is done simple spike one of the noodles with a fork and try them – if they are still too hard wait a few more minutes.

Don’t forget to use a towel or oven gloves to take out the casserole – I doubt your actual fire resistance will be high enough to get it out without…

All that’s left for me to say is: n’ Guten.
And make sure to let me know how it tasted if you are going to try it for yourself!

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