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Black Desert Online – Patchnotes Kr 2016/09/08

Greetings! Today the new Patchnotes for Korea were released. (Official Patchnotes)
Here are the most important / best Changes that might hit our servers soon™!

– Kutum Aura Quest (like the Kzarka/Karanda Quest we have) was added (once per Account)
– Wild Horses now can hava a tier between tier1 and tier 10
– the chance for higher tier horses has been increased
– Siege Towers have been added (allowing you to climb walls/barricades)
– you know can Port to your Fort in a Node War
– the Mob density for Basiliks and “Desert Ogres” was increased
– weekly Quest for Fishing and Cooking was added
– more Quests for Valenica were added
– a beginner Channel has been added for characters below Lv59 (58 included) only
– Witch Awakening Weapon added

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