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Black Desert Online – New Patch for Korea


today the korean Black Desert Online servers got a new patch. The highlights of that patch are:

– the ability to recover stamina while swimming
– various smaller class changes
– a new World Boss called “Ancient Kutum” which drops a new offhand that increases AP, DP and Accuracy (+0 = 4-6 AP, 4 DP / +15 = 19-21 AP, 14 DP / PEN = 26-28 AP, 24 DP)
– a new “Ogre” called Ten Lai which spawns in the Valenica Desert during the Night they will drop some kind of Ogre Ring as well which will start with 10 AP and increases by +5 per enhancement level
– Tier 2 Elephants
– new Unique Pet Skills, this skill will be additional to the normal Pet Skills and will increase with the tier of the pet

Cat, Pinguin, Hedgehog > Increased Life EXP
Dog > Increased maximum HP
Desert Fox, Snowman > Reduced Durability Loss
Panda > Increased Combat EXP
Birds > Increased Chance to get Knowledge, Increased Chance to get higher ranked Knowledge
Polar Bear > Increased Weight Limit

You can find the Korean Patchnotes here.

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