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Basic Rotations

Highest single Target DPS
Rend > Shield Slam > repeat

Highest AoE DPS
Annihilation > Retribution > Annihilation > Shield Clash > Annihilation Shield Clash / Retribution is up again

6s max single Target Burst (Judgment Stun)
Rend > Shield Spin > M Force Explosion > Punishment

Reposition Lockdown
Lightning Trap > Judgment
In case you need to rescue your teammate while not having enough time to directly deal with the thread – giving 6s+ time before further actions are required (Stun + Movement)

Prepare AoE Burst
Shield Spin > M Force Explosion > Punishment
Pulling all enemies on a single Spot allows your groups AoE to hit as many enemies as possible, in addition mass CC can be used more effectively.

30s small Aggro rotation
Rageblade > Rend > Shield Slam > repeat
With the Aggro from this only Top DPS in Battlemode will take your aggro.

30s into AFK Aggro rotation
Rageblade > Battlemode > BC1 > “Reskill”
After your BM, even against Top DPS, you can be AFK (e.g browsing the AH) once your BM is expired.

Whenever you are not in Melee Range
Longsword Shock