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The combo system of Cabal 2 can be compared to the combo system of games like Street Figher, Mortal Combat or Tekken. However there is a big difference in the combo system compared to Beat ’em Ups, the combo is not breaking on taking damage but on misschaining the next skill.
Using combos the player can increase the damage of his skills by 5% starting with the 1st combo hit (Combo 2). This damage does not increase regardless of the number on chained hits. Once the combo is broken you will see how much extra damage your combo was worth.

Combo Message

Because of the Combo 46 the damage was by 5,665 higher than non chaining the those 46 hits.

How to use the Combo System
Every skill that is causing damage can be used in a combo, even the basic attack. While being in a consecutive chain the game is helping the player by showing when to press the button again but this does not work if you use the last skill of the consecutive chain and it does not work if you chain different skills together.

If you want to chain different skills together
you have to press the next skill +-0.5s before your skill is damaging your target.

If you click to fast, to slow or more than once your combo will break and you have to start again.

Chaining skills to a big combo needs a lot of training but even if you breaking your combo after ~5 hits you still did more damage than non chaining your hits and doing 5x Combo 5 is not that much less than doing a 1x Combo 25

Basic Damage per Hit: 100
5x a combo with 5 hits will result in 2600 total damage while 1x Combo with 25 hits will be 2620 damage.

That is a difference in damage by 0,007% damage at the end of the day.