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Beginner’s Guide

All information you will read about are written by myself. Everything you will read in this guide (or on this site) is written in all my conscience. However while I am think that what I post is the best e.g. for a class stat distribution that does not mean that there are no other opinions which do not accord with what I am saying. Feel free test the information you got from me against other information you might have found and decide yourself which fits yourself better. In general one of my most important factors is efficiency in addition it is possible that certain information will not work in e.g. a PUG as efficiency is also based on one’s personal and the personal skill of his/her group members.

This guide is supposed to explain the basics to every new Cabal 2 player yet while most of the information are for novice level players there are information that can be used from advanced level players as well e.g. build related information about classes or basic mechanic information like the DMG calculation.

One of the things that I want to note before anything else is that Cabal 2 is not Cabal Online. Cabal 2 is, in my opinion, better to describe as a fusion of Cabal Online and Aion while 80% of the game are from Aion and 20% are from Cabal Online. Mostly naming things are taken over from Cabal Online thus playing Cabal 2 does not feel like playing Cabal Online and while people who enjoyed Aion will have a great time playing it, as a Cabal Online player you might not like what Cabal 2 is.
Cabal 2 is all about farming your equipment instead of trying to reach the level cap. At the end both are likely to be the same – a never ending grind that always gives you the option to improve your character. While Cabal 2 is currently in Open Beta for NA/EU please always keep in mind that this game is close to 5 years old and we already know about a lot of the upcoming Updates and the content we will get. Still it is possible that Cabal 2 NA will be different, after some time, compared to Cabal 2 KR yet most of the current basic things in Cabal 2 NA are 1:1 as in the KR version of the game.

Class Introduction
Force Shielder
Force Blader
Force Archer

Basic Stats Introduction
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Leveling Guide
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Lv40 – current Endgame Content
Note: These are no guides but a basic overview about the content you are, currently, able to do once you reach Lv40.

Heavenly Citadel (~10m per run)
Heavenly Citadel is the easiest Lv40 Dungeon it can be done regardless of your equipment once you hit Lv40. Even a novice level player do not need any further information about this dungeon but about the FS boss. In HC you will face 3-7 small bosses before you face one of three possible final bosses. Each boss drops a specific piece of jewelry set piece iLv45 (Ring, Earring, Bracelet).

Depending on your Tank you do not need a Priest to do this dungeon.
You do not need a Tank to do this dungeon.
It is recommended to have a Force Archer in your group. (possible but harder without)

The Force Shielder Boss
Hint for Force Archers:
It is possible that you fight against a Force Shielder Boss before the final Boss. This boss is stacking a Buff on himself roughly every 15s. You want to purge this buff every time he gets one stack of it.

Without a Force Archer:
You want to interrupt the cast of this Boss so he cannot stack the Buff in him.

Evil Forest Lantana (~10m per run)
While the first four bosses do not drop anything the three bosses after them dropping every Slot of equipment with iLv42. The last boss two bosses require either a certain eHP amount or people who understand how to use their hard CC/interrupts yet none of them is really a challenge.

Sky Garden (~20m-~60m per run)
Sky Garden is longer than it is hard. You can enter Sky Garden with your basic questing gear. Even so the currently best gear is dropping in this dungeon. The final boss drops items iLv47 the lootable contains a Weapon Set (2 pieces) an armor Set (5 pieces) a jewelry Set (4 pieces) and a mantle. A lot of mobs can be skipped due to the reset mechanics of the game making SG a run to the next boss dungeon with close to no trash to kill. With the nerf of the final boss there shouldn’t be any problem to clear this dungeon.

Basic Information – Equipment
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Upgrade Guide
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Basic Information – Crafting
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Note: Due to the removal of the Lv40+ Content ESTgames has also removed the Lv38 Heroic crafting recipes. Due to this fact currently the only “useful” profession is Alchemy

Basic Information – Production
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Note: The premium wings allow you to finish and start your production from everywhere.

Extraction Guide
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Basic Information – Battlegrounds
Maelstrom Castle – 6v6
Forgotten Temple – 18v18

Upcoming Content
Lv40 Content
Black Wave – Labyrinth Forest War
A 18-players raid dungeon that can be entered twice a day. iLv49 as well as Legendary weapons are waiting in this dungeon. Normalmode & Hardmode!

Lv45 Content
Nation War
Large Scale PvP battle between three nations.

Nation Skills
Taking part in the Nation War to increase your Nation Rank for new active and passive skills of your personal choice.

Increasing your stats even further with 22 runes.

Challenge Modes
A new difficulty challenge for PvE players.

New Dungeons
A bunch of new dungeon to explore.