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Force Blader

With the 3rd highest defense in Cabal 2 the Force Blader brings one of the highest sustain DPS in the game. With already having a high sustain DPS upon entering combat he needs a bit of time to start his engine to increase his DPS even further. In addition to his DMG a Force Blader shines on this mobility and his potential crowd control. While the Force Blader is melee class he owns a great Kit of ranged attacks and can increase the DMG of his group even further. making him to one of the best picks for group PvE and small scale PvP. Another thing, which is very important, to know about a Force Blader is his hybrid DMG that is unique in Cabal 2 dealing both, physical and magical DMG, making it even harder to play against him in PvP.

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Force Blader Guides
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