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Leveling Guide

Any quest that is written in this Guide can be complete solo regardless of your class! (Only exception because of the removal of EM: You need to group up for LES and HotR)

This guide is about the most efficient way to reach Lv40, resulting in a lot of open quests after reaching Lv40. If you do not want to skip quests to reach Lv40 faster please read the note at the end of this guide.

Stat distribution: I recommed – on all classes – three points in all Attack every level. (I have done so and there was nothing that I could not do, while having close do double my basic DMG)

Note: Every class but Priest needs only the gear you get from completing quests to level to Lv40. I recommend that a Priest buys Magic Attack, Critical Accuracy gear from the auction house.

Finish every Quest on Lethe Island.
Frostrock Forest can be done solo with any class.

Finish every non repeatable Quest in Frey Hilltown.

Depending on your drop luck with the quest items you will need 10%-30% to get to the Lv15 for new quests.
Just grind the wolves or the spiders around your latest quest area.

Level 15 will give you a two new repeatable quests as well as a normal quest that will open a new quest chain and giving you another repeatable quest, do this quests before you do any other quest.
Cliff Hyper-Abysmo – 5 times
Runied Mine Abysmo – 5 times
Tainted Brains – at least once to open the Quest Chain – do not farm this quests and only use the drops you get while doing the Ruined Mine Abysmo

Note: Cliff Hyper-Abysmo
WA, FS, FB can burst down the boss while using a single HoT potion.
FA, Wi, Pr can kill the boss without getting hit by kiting him in a circle.

Finish all non repeatable Quests – around Level 18 you will get access to the 2nd dungeon of the game.
Search for a group and clear it once (5 quests).

Repeatable to do:
Armband Pride 2-3 times

Lv20/Lv21 – Lv28:
Once you have entered Desertfort do the following repeatable Quest before anything else:
Sun Yard Abysmo – 5 times

Do all non repeatable Quests until you hit Lv22.

Once you hit Lv22 and you finished the Sun Yard Abysmo Quests do the following repeatable Quest before anything else:
Shady Ruins Abysmo 5 times

Keep doing all the non repeatable Quests:
Should you ran out of quest, regardless of you level, always do the following repeatables:
Bone Nest Abysmo
Sandstone Abysmo
Code Name: Only the Tail of a Dog
Code Name: Pincer Cut (can be done by killing the normal enemies in front of Oasis)
Tainted Heart (Use Bone Nest & Sandstone Abysmo) – do this at least once!
Collecting a Heap of Junk

I recommend to not do any of the Oasis Party Quests. Yet feel free to do them if you have a party.

The Lv26 Quest True Hunter can be done solo on any class. However Wa, FS and FB need more time to finish it.
For all classes: use the same tactic as for the Cliff Hyper-Abysmo.

Complete Hall of the Recluse one to finish all Quests (5 Quests).

Complete all non repeatable Quests and do all repeatables while finishing your normal Quests.
Skip the Antlion Quest.

Join a Platform Raid Group in Labyrinth Forest. (2kk XP/h)

Do the following Quests in Labyrinth Forest:
Eight Legs
Strong Insecticide K
Bursting with Joy
Setting Torchlights
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
Band of Brothers
Stury and Long-Lasting
Smashing Spider Eggs
Now’s the Chance

Mercy for All
Shattered Talisman Fragments
Natural Flow
Mysterious Plants
What Is It For?
Putting the Pieces Together
Restored Talisman
Mental Training
Meditation Time
Another Existence Between Us

How to Have Many Conversations
Two Who Came to Labyrinth Forest
Old Story

Complete your Battlemode Quest.

Join a Platform Raid Group in Labyrinth Forest. (2kk XP/h)

Note: If you prefer questing instead of grinding, even if you complete all the repeatable Quests you have to grind at a certain point. The most effective way is to join a platform raid. Once you gained the next level finish all of your new quests again and join the platform raid again once they are all done. Every Quest before Lv40, even the Party Quests can be done solo on every class!