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Gear Stats

Items have lots of different stats / stat categories and information about the item.


Basic Information
Item Name / Quality
Level Requirement
Class Requirement
Bound / Binding Option
Refurbish available? (2nd Stat reroll)
Sealable? (Is it possible to unbind the item?)
Item Level (important for Force Cores)

Main Stats
Main Stats are for Weapon/2nd and Armor (Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Belt, Boots) only.
Main Stats can be upgraded by using Upgrade Cores.

Secondary Stats
Each Item can have 2 – 5 (6 for boots because of movement speed) additional stats. These secondary stats on the item can roll between a minimum and a maximum amount.
The possible minimum/maximum amount of each secondary stat of the item is set by the Item Level and the quality of the the item.
The amount of secondary stats and the roll of the other secondary stats has nothing to do with the possible min/max for the other secondary stats.
The highest secondary stat, by % of his possible max roll, sets the suffix of the item.
The suffix does not have anything to do with the 1-4 remaining secondary stats of the item.
There are items that have fixed secondary stats (in Crafting & Loot) and items that have completly random secondary stats.
There are secondary stats that cannot roll on every item e.g. Physical Defense cannot roll on Jewelry.
You can use Refurbish or Premium Refurbish Kits to reroll all secondary stats for new 2-5 stats.
Secondary Stats can be upgraded by using Ability Cores.

Force Core Slots
Items can have Force Core Slots in which Force Cores can be insert.
Items can have up to two slots for Force Cores. Force Core slots can be expanded with certain items.
The Force Core provide the item with additional stats.
The amount of addional stats is set by the Item Level / Quality and not the Level of the Force Core.
More Information about Force Cores

Set Information
Not every piece of gear is part of a set. There are different types of set that need different amounts of items.
With each addional piece of gear equipped new bonus stats are added. Previous bonus stats remain on reaching a new bonus.

Selling Price
The amount of Alz you get if you sell this item to the NPC Vendor