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Black Desert Online – Guild Spotlight: Addicted – Croxus

For this week’s unofficial Guild Spotlight, I have travelled to the European Black Desert Online server Croxus. The moment I took a closer look at the competitive scene in front of me, one guild caught my eye – Addicted, one of the leading guilds on the server.

Being a foreigner on Croxus, I had to ask my way around until I finally found Ishkor, the guild leader of Addicted. After we talked a while, he agreed to an interview about his guild. Enjoy this look behind the curtains of Addicted and learn more about the guild that resides between the best Croxus has to offer!

Moving On to New Pastures

Roughly two years ago, Addicted was founded with the release of ArcheAge. Time has passed since the creation of this progress driven guild and Addicted has become a multi-gaming community that includes not only Black Desert Online but World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike: GO as well.

Back then, while Black Desert Online wasn’t published in Europe, members of Addicted started testing and playing the game on the Korean and Russian servers. As result – they got addicted. Today, Addicted has members from all over Europe, fighting together to hold their position between Croxus’s best.

A Simple Goal

“Our most important goal, when playing Black Desert Online, is to have fun together!” Ishkor opens. One could call this a fairly casual goal for a guild but the question is: What is Addicted doing while they have fun together?

Since the beginning of Black Desert Online, Addicted always honed their members skills. In the early days they focused on building a strong foundation for their community combined with fighting others for the top ranks on the scoreboards. Once they had achieved that, Addicted started to shift their focus onto their actual combat strength, including the gear and level of their members, to prepare for the upcoming Siege and Node Wars.

To keep up their performance, Addicted is always on the lookout for new and exceptional players. The criteria for applicants are fairly straight: The guild is looking for active and progress driven players which have the willingness to learn and want to improve themselves to keep growing stronger.

About Records and Allies

To motivate all of their members to improve, the first objective Addicted set, was quite a huge one: “We set our goal to take and keep Calpheon as long as possible!” Ishkor explains. Addicted was able to hold that objective from the 15th June until recently. On the 15th of October, four of Croxus top guilds (Ginnunga, Ember, Sanguine, and Dishonoured) allied up to overthrow the reign of Addicted.

In a battle worthy of songs they threw all they had against the reigning guild of Calpheon and with less than 30 minutes left on the clock, they were able to liberate the castle. “It was one of the most fun weekends we had in Black Desert Online until now.”, Ishkor tells: “Our enemies executed their plan perfectly and I want to thank everyone who participated in that fight, including those who gave us a run for our money!”

One of the reasons, Addicted was able to hold Calpheon for four months straight, is certainly their preparation. Together, with their allied guild Leviathan, they continuously practiced tactics and strategies to be prepared for any possible situation. Unfortunately, Leviathan has become somewhat inactive in the past few months but they still keep up their alliance.

Bonds Between

Addicted has fought against quite a few guilds until today and while one of their stronger rivals, Nihilium, already quit the game, another guild kept fighting against them over and over again.

“If you asking for our most noteworthy rival, I’d say ShadowElite. We had countless battles against them and they are worthy opponents, that not only brought the PvP to us but also doing a great contribution to the general competition on Croxus. Despite our disagreements in the pasts we respect them as enemies and the only reason we ceased combat with them is to pay back those guilds that have joined forces against us!” Ishkor expounds.

The war between Addicted and ShadowElite was definitely one of the reasons for the strength Addicted has today. Those fights have turned the guild into a well oiled machine while all members contributing to a common goal. Every member of the guild is dedicated and focused on their comrades. Helping out each other, regardless of the situation is just a normal thing for this big family of capable individuals. Ishkor adds: “That is our key to success and the very reason why we are considered one of the strongest guilds on Croxus!”

This is Just the Beginning

Despite being thrown out of Calpheon for now, Addicted keeps their goals high. Instead to rest on their laurels, new plans were already made and they want to make sure the competitive scene on Croxus stays healthy. Active PvP and the participation in the upcoming sieges are only one part of it.

“There are always obstacles in your way and overcoming those obstacles is the key to achieving your goals. We will keep improving to ensure that our fights on Saturday… no on every day of the week are keep being fun!” Ishkor proclaims.

Brevity is the Soul of Wit

To close this week’s spotlight I asked Ishkor for a statement he likes everybody to know and to keep in mind when talking about Addicted. This is his response!

“If you cannot beat us, join us!”

What are your experiences with Addicted? Have you fought with or against them or did you encounter them in a different situation? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want your guild to be featured in one of the upcoming unofficial guild spotlights send me a message, including a short overview about your guild and your achievements, here or contact me on any IHA Discord. I am going to feature guilds (PvE, PvP and PvX) across all servers (including the NA servers). Currently I am looking for a guild from – Jordine, Uno or Orwen but guilds from others server may contact me as well!

44 Comments on Black Desert Online – Guild Spotlight: Addicted – Croxus

  1. Was nice that after keeping Calpheon for a while and bragging there is no competition, they (and their little sister guild Broddicted now known as addlcted) perma declared on guilds that had the guts to contest them, stating that they will remove the war only if those guilds wont dare to do the same mistake again.
    I guess is bad to lose a teritory cus of a lifeskill guid (Wealth) and a semi pvp guild Abyss).

    You can find more info in the guilds subforum section on the official bdo eu/na forums.

  2. Who is Wealth and Abyss? I smell someone is beeing jealous cause the guild he is in, is not getting any attention whatsoever. We have the same thing going on Jordine, all the non relevant guild always bark loudest cause they can never get what the top guilds are having. Instead of throwing salty comments, put some effort in your own guild and make them relevant instead 😉

  3. As far as i know Abyss and Wealth merged and they have Serendia now.
    Oh, but you can log in on Croxus and check for urself.

  4. Yeah I did my research, and what I hear is they were gifted a territory this week, reading your Croxus siege forums post…nothing to brag about I guess, wouldnt you agree?

  5. I dont agree or disagree. Not a member of any of the above guilds. But then again its easy to spot the bullies of the server.
    Also whats with the bragging? Im just pointimg out the fact that they dont like to be challenged and if they are, they start threatening guilds with perma wars from them and addlicted.

  6. I made a character on Croxus now and talked to the Abyss member about what you are saying..They told me the week Abyss and Wealth attacked Addicted, was the same week Addicted were in Valencia fighting their arch enemy. They also told me Wealth and Abyss worked with ShadowElite (Addicted’s arch enemy) that week to make sure their forces were devided in 2 diffrent territories. However it tok Addicted 20 minutes to take out both Wealth and Abyss fort when they finally decided to come back and defend Calpheon. To me it looks like you are clueless and spitting out BS just to try giving addicted a bad name…if you are not a “PVP” guild, dont go to sieges? If you can not handle to be in War with 1 guild, dont work with their arch enemy? Please do some research before you make another post.

    • You realize Addicted recently had to kick a member for spamming how he was a “crazy n*gger” in direct chat during a war?

      Or the fact they’ve been caught spamming duel and trade requests in order to prevent Ginnunga from building annexes for awhile the week before losing their castle

    • You seem to be an Addicted member. You defend them way too much. Meh. Is not like all Croxus knows they are a zerg guild that cant do shit without paying guilds like Khaos and Marauders to die for them. Not gonna even mention their bitch guild here…

      Anyway, love how he keeps talking about the fair play and stuff, but meanwhile Addicted is full of toxicity.

    • Addicted did not take Abyss’or Wealth’s fort. It endedin a stalemate. Thats why they lost the teritory. Get your facts str8.
      And btw, love how Addicted never said how they were gifted a terytory by Leviathan. Back then they were shouting that they dont have allies and that infact they are at war with Levi.

      I think who ever wrote this article should interview guild leaders of other top guilds in order to have bigger picture.

  7. why cry about perma war? keeps the game active 🙂

  8. That awkward moment the article mentions the top 4 guilds on the server teaming up on them when in fact it was 5 including HYDRA who held Addicted off for 30 minutes with a measly 14 members whilst AddIcted and Marauders died.

  9. Addicted is run by a handful of power hungry narcisists. WHO try to bully any one who tries fight them. Many of their members are extremely toxic when they lose skirmishes or get caught with their pants down trying to gank casuals.

    They have threttended guilds not only to perma-war them, but to destroy their community. Many of their members are just regular good human beeings, who are constantly being fed lies from the top, about other guilds, to incite hate and use them as puppets in the master plan of total dominanse.

    Every thing goes, nothing is too dirty or too low for theese people. As long as they are holding the right end of the stick, they dont care if the other gets covered by shit.

  10. Beeing on top means you always have jealous people trying to bring you down to their level, and thats clearly what we are seeing here. However Im very happy that Addicted is getting all the attention from community in Croxus, good or bad its still you commenting on their spotlight (read again _their_ spotlight) and more power to them.

    To all the wannabes and wish-we-could-have-attention guilds: put some effort into beeing relevant, Im sure if you do so you also will get a spotlight one day.

    By the way I love how some trolls think Im in Addicted, as I stated on my very first post I play on a top guild in Jordine, do some research on your own for once instead of spitting out random BS with your comments.

  11. HAH they didnt take calpheon to begin with, it was a trade off leviathan was to have a training war with them and no matter who won addicted would get the fort….. lets just say the guild merged with addicted short after.
    addicted was a decent guild. but they turned powerhungry, take everything they say with a grain of salt

  12. Back to the topic:
    A great article and nice job on editing by UrzaKeFrostgard, you clearly hit the nail on this one, picking the perfect guild for the spotlight. As we can all agree this article has gotten more attention than any other guilds so far and something tells me no other guild will get this much attention in near future.

    Addicted is truly a guild to watch out for it seems. Looking forward to a server merge so we can finally test our strength against/with them. I quote the man himself “If you cannot beat us, join us.”

  13. addicted vry gud gild, but vry salty sometim. i make kill, and war kill gild. we quit guild, but addicted vry toxic. we new gild only 20 peple, so no war. but addicted strong, waelth an abyss gud as well. this froum post onl fill salt.

    butt al strong gild, i like al

  14. Addicted exploited a glitch on the second gate to get their elephants through with people on top. One elephant stomped the rudder to allow the people on top jump down and open the gate without being interrupted.

    Thats all you need to know.

    • I watched the Siege from the walls, and to me it looked like the rider of the elefant was useing forechop, that does alot of dmg and knock things down. To me it looked like a smart move to keep the gate open. rather than being a “Glitch” like u just said.

  15. To me it looked like the Gate got open and let the elefant through, and then closed right after. since there were two elefants, only one was got through. there was no glitch, and i am sure nobody abuses glitches just to win a territory, where is the fun in that ? too me it looked like an elefant got through because someone fucked up on sanguines part, rather than being a glitch. Thats all ppl need to know

  16. No, they used the exploit on the second gate. Which is the gate I’ve been talking about.

  17. i saw the fight, i saw no glitches at all, so i dont know where u getting this from ?

  18. Ask anyone from Sanguine. Addicted has a tendency to dull down what actually happened.

  19. There is place where you can get in behind second gate without even attacking it(by the walls path, just need to do some jumping, like severs in calpheon). You just need to know the path and you’re in. That part wasn’t defended at all so to get in silently and open the gate from inside is in my opinion very good tactical move. And elefant got throu while few addicted members did exact thing which I mentioned above. You have alot to learn about weak points of castles. But if you don’t participate in such events then it’s hard.

  20. So i should ask a guild who looks for something to blame, rather than just accepting that they fucked up and do it better some other time. i feel like there evidence of them wanting to glitch it, or even evidence of them glitching even. so if u are here to spread hate because sanguine lost a territory feel free to give some evidence of it. before talking about something that never really happened. just to make a big guild look bad, i guess antitroll said it before, the small guild bark loudest. since atm it looks like u want to blame the game rather than blaming your self for losing a territory.

  21. Hello, what war is this Ramanov guy talking about?
    Did he even read the spotlight? As far as I can read, Addicted got attacked by the top 4 guilds, and what you are saying is Addicted glitched their own gates to keep it open? Now either you are very stupid or Addicted gifted the 4 guilds their own territory by holding the gates open for them, which one is it? My guts saying option 1.

  22. *i feel like there is no evidence* i fucked up 😀

  23. His talking about this weeks war, in mediah, addicted vs sanguine. where an elefant got through the gate, because ppl opening it and closing it all the time, and at one point the elefant got through. And that is what he claims to be a glitch.

  24. So option 1 then, my guts were telling me the truth!


    I wonder how Sanguine managed to close the gate in the case where I’m wrong.

    And it seems like you guys don’t know that the gate has to be all the way up for elephants to go through, which Sanguine wouldn’t allow to happen.

  26. That picture! Such glitch much hating, epic glitch evidence. and to correct u there, the gate got up since ppl opened it. not because of a glitch, this picture makes no sense 😀

  27. I know right, I wish i recorded it.

  28. I feel like quoting my self, OPTION 1 THEN!

  29. u not even talking about this on the right post, Get out.

  30. Addicted defending themself on their glorified article where all their abuse is ignored.


  31. abuse, if u think ppl abuse things then prove it or report them, instead of discussing it here then. It makes no sense what u are saying, and what u say happened didn’t really happen did it ?

  32. It did and has been reported.

  33. then leave it as that, instead of spitting random bullshit here.

  34. So I did some research again with my newly formed character on this glorious Croxus server, I had to go around on so many diffrent channels and areas and I finally found a guy from Sanguine…I asked him about Romanov and he didnt even know who he was…I am kind of dissapointed that your own guild dont know you yet..Are you a new member to the guild perhaps?

    Anyway that guy didnt know anything about this glitch as you put it Romanov..and he told me to simply ignore anyone that are posting on their behalf on the forums or anywhere…They dont care about it and their members are told not to bother..I also asked about this weeks siege against Addicted.

    Normaly I would guess you are an imposter and anything you say should be ignored but Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt and take you for a salty Sanguine member who got lost and tried to blame something or someone for the simple fact that they lost a castle in a pure 2v2 fight in a matter of 1hours and 30minutes, which I guess is pretty embarrassing.

    Now Addicted gave you some props and called you one of the top guilds on the server, thank them for the attention you got and embrace your 15minutes of fame!

    I mean 2 of the top guilds on the server according to Addicted them selfs (Sanguine and Ember) lost a castle in lets say “2hours”…Man I wouldnt even show my self here if I were you.

    Seriously, how strong is Addicted? Maybe I should concider joining them my self..but the server merge is sooo close, I can feel it!

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