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Ancient Kutum

Please Note: This page is still under Construction and more information will be added soon!

Ancient Kutum is new World Boss added to Black Desert Online NA/EU on the 14th of September 2016. He drops a box which contains a yellow grade offhand accordingly to the class that opens the box.

Spawn Location:

Please Note: Even while you access his room from outside of the actual desert his rooms is within it – you will need Purified Water & Star Anise Tea to remove the desert debuff.

Ancient Kutum Knowledge:

His Knowledge can either be obtained by completing a quest in front of his spawn room or by increasing your Amity with Desalam.
Both the quest and Desalam can be found here:

The quest requires you to find five artifacts within the Sandstone Chamber:

After that you will need to talk to two more NPCs to get the knowledge of Kutum. As that knowledge will not be a certain S Rank you will most likely have to increase your Amity with Desalam anyway. Good Luck in Greeting him 😉

Ancient Kutum Bossfight

You can finde the “Fight Guide” here.