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Update: Preparations

Hey everybody,
currently I am working to get all my characters to Level 40 (40 27 27 27 27 17) and all crafting profession to Level 3. Once this is done I will make new videos and guide with material and the information I’ve gathered. In addition I am currently preparing a detailed Levelguide that allowed me to get to Level 40 in less than 21 hours!

Stay stuned, my character should be max Level within the upcoming week!

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  1. Hey Mate! I reached lvl 3 in blacksmithing. How can i get lvl 3 recipes? Because just alchemy can buy lvl3 recipes from npc, all others can just to lvl2.

    • Lv3 recipes are currently not in the game because they give you Lv40+ Equipment. Everything that is related to Lv40+ content is removed from the game.

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