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Black Desert Online – Korean Guy Theory


First of all, I know this theory might be a little awkward but seriously please try to remember back and compare this theory to everything you experienced in Black Desert Online so far.


The core of this theory is that get a personal Korean assigned to you the moment you create your account. This guy, we will call him Chang (non racist!), is monitoring everything you do related to Black Desert Online, including the bugging your of your voice talk, social network activities and your browser history – even while BDO is closed or you are not using and VOIP software. It is also possible that they actually connected to you webcam or your phone and there is also the chance they are able to read your thoughts.

Chang is basically a real person with a real personality, like every of the assigned Koreans. As he manages your loot. even with the specifications from Daum/Kakao he decides what you will get and what not. Yet the main influence are Changs feelings and his personality.
That means if you are unlucky and Chang does not like you your overall loot will be a lot worse than of the average player. It is also possible that your guy is some kind of troll that likes to troll with you. Gladly Daum/Kakao set some specifications that Chang needs to meet to prevents some extreme trolls. We will go over those specifications later.

The coverage is almost perfect and due to this is it close to impossible to trick Chang. The only option for you to improve your loot is either the know the specifications and force Chang to drop something valuable for you or to remember what you were doing on a good drop and to repeat that as it might be that your action in that moment was something Chang liked.


To prevent a total emotional based looting system Daum/Kakao set some specifications that, if known, allow you to improve your “luck” or better said to trigger drops by following certain guidelines. I don’t know all specifications myself but I can give you those I know.

Get what you don’t need
Basically one of the core specification – to pretend “luck” you drop items that you do not need e.g. a Shrine Guardian Token instead of a Kzarka Box. It is important to know that Chang is not easy to fool on this – simply saying something like: “I don’t need Bheg’s Gloves!” will not cut the deal as your thoughts still want that damn pair of Gloves!

You get things that are worse or equal to the equipment you already have
This specification can be easily triggered by forcing upgrades on your equipment. You finally done your TRI Bares Necklace? Be sure the next time you farm Ogres you will drop your first Ogre Ring! Finally bought that Liverto from the Auction House? Your next Boss kill will drop you another one!

Increased Enhancement Chance or Increased Drop Chance – but never both
This rule is fairly simple your account will be flagged that you either have a higher chance to drop items or a higher chance on enhancing items. This is to prevent people from dropping e.g. a lot of Ogre Rings and then easily enhancing them to DUO+. It is important to figure out your flag type as Drop Flagged people should better sell their drops instead of trying their luck while the Enhancers should not try to get a specific item but better farm Gold to buy the loot from other people. I guess this specification was done to increase the player interaction and the gold sink.

Quit Prevention
In order to prevent paying customers from quitting the game Chang is ordered to increase their loot / enhancement chance in situations a quit might be incoming. Nothing keeps a player better hooked to the game but a TRI: Ogre Ring!

Drops have to be unexpected
This one is easy to confirm. If you want a specific item or you wait for a specific item you will not get the item regardless of what you try to get it! The moment you let go – remember the ability of Chang to read your thoughts – those items are able to drop again. If you deep inside lost all hope on a specific item or you are totally not expecting it you will get them.
This rule is the strongest prevention as the moment you will think about this specification you will not be able to drop the item. So in order to fight against this specification you have to forget it completely while still not trying to get that specific item.

What other people tell you / Allowed to drop by:
Following suggestions of your guild mates or stranger can be extremely rewarding as this specification is a counter to the “Drops have to be unexpected” specification. If e.g. your friend is telling you that you have to NOW go an kill that Kzarka as you will definitely drop your Kzarka Weapon if you do so you should consider to follow his suggestion.

Calling Drops
Another possible specification to trigger a drop is to call the drop out while being 100% sure about the drop to happen. You have to be 100% certain that the item will drop the slightest doubt prevent the item from dropping – think about it like putting your life on the line!

Your friends get the things you want
Items you really want to have are more likely to drop for your friends especially if it combines with one of the earlier mentioned specifications. In this case the drop chance your friends will be basically multiplied.

Those are the specifications I know but there might be others as well.


I said it earlier this theory might seem awkward but now try to add those specifications to your actual drops and tell me how much you dropped that is not covered by at least one of the mentioned specification…
All the RNG in the game suddenly makes sense and becomes a lot less random. It also seems like this system is also working in terms of enhancements – ever had the problem to not be able to stack above five the moment you needed that failstacks only to go from 25 FS to 50 FS on the item you want to be +15?