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#1 Mutant Ogre Raid – 03.07.2016 – 16:00 GMT+2

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    Greetings Hunter,

    our forces have finally grown enough to begin our first assault on the Mutant Ogre. Therefor I am calling all Hunters and their guilds as well to prepare for the hunt!

    Mutant Ogre Raid – Codename: First Assault
    Date: 03.07.2016 | 07/03/2016
    Time: 16.00 GMT+2 / CEST | 14:00 GMT
    Server: Alustin
    Channel: Calpheon A2 (we dont want the Node Wars to interrupt our Hunt)
    Recommended Level: 56

    I am hereby please all guilds thinking about participation to retract any existing Guild Wars for the duration of the hunt. I know there are guilds that have personal affairs and I do not dare to interfere with those matters but this hunt is a server wide “event”. By killing the Mutant Ogre we will write History! If we succeed we will not only be the first European Server but the first NA/EU server to take him down!

    Everybody should be prepared to die a lot in the fight so prepare enough silver for repairs and general goods in Trent. Guilds should be able to use “Flag of Determination” in order to shorten the way back into the fight. As the Mutant Ogre is Level 60 I highly recommend Level 56. Below Level 56 you will need to stack some Accuracy in addition to increase your chance to hit.

    Note that this is just our first attempt in hunting down this guy. We will abort the fight against the Mutant Ogre if his HP Bar is still bright Yellow (100%-75%) once the clock reaches 18.00 GMT+2.

    It would be nice if guilds would annouce here if they will take part in the hunt!

    Good Hunt Everybody!

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    Participating Guilds:

    To get your guild into that list talk to me on IHAA, reply to this thread, send me a message on the official forums, send me a message here or hit me up ingame (Urza or UrzaKeFrostgard)

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    My advice, give a server shout. i dont think that 100 people can kill the mutant ogre. But count my in on the next hunt.

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    VikingsOnShrooms Will partake :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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